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15 July 2015

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Shiyan Lake



Shiyan Lake is a 5-square-kilometer (500 hectares) scenic spot located in the junction of Changsha City, Zhuzhou City and Xiangtan City. Surrounded by mountains, it features dense forests, lofty peaks, green waters and clear springs. It is reputed to be "a natural oxygen park" and "a dream of citizens."


At the scenic spot, tourists can experience ancient Chinese culture by visiting the historical sites, enjoy animal performances and have fun by taking part in various leisure activities such as dragon boat rowing, horse riding, rock climbing, barbecues, fishing and bonfires. It is one of the top 10 most popular resorts for Changsha’s locals.


The National Tourism Administration has designated it as an AAAA scenic spot, and it is one of the Top 100 Hunan Scenic Spots, Top 10 Hunan Water Attractions, and 10 Most Popular Changsha Tourist Attractions. The park is also a base for professional development training and a popular spot for boat races.



Admission: 100 yuan/person

Open Hours: 8:00-17:00

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