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15 July 2015



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Linking to Hunan Official Web Portal 
You may use our logo provided below, which is the registered trademark for the English official web portal of the Hunan Provincial People’s Government. It should be used only to link to the Hunan (China) Official Web Portal. Any placement of the logo will be seen as a marker of our home page and not a form of any endorsement or approval from our website. Your link to the Hunan (China) Official Web Portal would only be allowed if you provide it to your customers who are eager to find Hunan government information and services. We also encourage you to keep the tag line "Hunan Official Web Portal".
You may also use the link to Chinese, Korean, French and Japanese versions at,, and .
To place the source and graphic on your website homepage, you may:
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If you have any questions about linking to Hunan Official Web Portal, the use of the Hunan Official Web Portal logo, or desire more information or promotional materials on Hunan Official Web Portal
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