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15 July 2015

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Hengnan Qishan National Forest Park

The China Forest Park Landscape Resources Grade Evaluation Committee recently announced Hengnan Qishan Forest Park was rated as one of the national-level forest parks.

The participating experts said the park has a complete forest ecological system, abundant biodiversity, and good ecological functions. Located in the bordered areas of populous Hengyang, Qidong, and Hengnan counties, the park has a great potential to develop forest eco-tourism.

The park includes two parts of Qishan Mountain and Shiniu Peak. Its application for inclusion into the national forest park list was initiated in May 2017.

The park is endowed with rich plants and natural landscape. It is home to 1,034 vascular plant species and 186 vertebrates.

Fenghuang Valley in the park is known as the largest and best-persevered low-altitude pristine broad-leaved forest in south China. It boasts beautiful wetlands, gorgeous gorges, and time-honored Buddhism temples.

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