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15 July 2015

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Yanghu Wetland Park


Yanghu Wetland Park, covering an area of 702 hectares, is the largest wetland park in south central China. The park is made up of five functional districts: wetland recreation district, wetland biodiversity exhibition district, wetland education district, ecological conservation district and river wetland district. Its construction is divided into four phases. The wetland recreation district constructed in the first and second phase has already been open to the public.


Lying in the center of the park and targeted as a demonstration area of wetland biodiversity, the second phase covers an area of 100 hectares, about 30% of which is water. The water area boasts 150,000 wetland plants of 1,500 different species, 150 kinds of birds and a large number of subtropical animals and insects. Such facilities as the Wetland Science Museum, View Tower, Amusement Center, Experience Center of Farming Wetland, Bird Watching House, and Demonstration Area of Wetland Plants outstands the parts as well. Taking up one third of the total area of the second phase, the water part is the largest bird habitat on the West Bank of the Xiangjiang River, providing home for such wetland birds as egret. One to two bird watching houses are to be built in this area, offering citizens the chance to enjoy the life of birds in the habitat.