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15 July 2015

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Heimifeng National Forest Park

Located in Qiaoyi County, northeast of Wangcheng District, 19 kilometers away from Changsha downtown area, Heimifeng covers an area of 4,079 hectares with plenty of vegetation. The forest coverage is 80.19%, making it a "natural oxygen bar" for the city.

So far, Qiaoyi County in Wangcheng District has invested more than 80 million yuan to build or renovate the landscapes and infrastructures, including a scenery gallery with followers all the year round; a "Wenxing Ancient Village" (Wenxing, or Wenquxing means the star of wisdom) with the "Wenquxing" as a link and the integration of cultural elements, such as Wenxing street, memorial archway, square, bridge and temple; a parking lot of 1,000 square kilometers; a 8-kilometer granite footpath and a comprehensive reception center which can accommodate 400 people. The outdoor sports expansion base has developed into the largest one in Hunan, with the most comprehensive sets of equipment and most sports events.

Admission fee: 27 yuan/person

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