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15 July 2015

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Zhijiang Flying Tigers Museum


The Chinese American collector Chen Canpei, together with the Chinese American veterans of Flying Tigers Huang Yuzhen, Liu Huaxin and Lin Rixin, made all their way to Zhijiang Dong Nationality Autonomous County and donated 119 pieces of precious cultural relics from WWⅡ, which has witnessed the China-America friendship and commemorated the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. At present, Zhijiang Flying Tigers Museum has collected over one thousand pieces of cultural relics.

It is said that these 119 relics include the newspapers, airdrop leaflets and badges printed on the day when Japan surrendered as well as some bequests from the sodiers of Flying Tigers first exhibited in China, which is the largest donation to Zhijiang Flying Tigers Museum. Till now, Chen Canpei and the veterans of Flying Tigers have donated 556 pieces of cultural relics to Zhijiang.