• Shibadong, Hunan Province, the Birthplace of the “Targeted Poverty Alleviation”

    On November 3, 2013, President Xi Jinping visited Shibadong Village. He walked into farmers’ rooms and barns, and talked with them about their incomes. Shibadong is where President Xi first put forward the “targeted poverty alleviation” strategy.

  • China’s First Medium-low Speed Maglev Line Opened to Traffic in Changsha

    Changsha Maglev Line started trial run on May 6, 2016. It is China’s first medium-low speed commercial maglev demonstration line. It is China’s fully domestically designed, constructed, and manufactured maglev line, with independent intellectual property rights.

  • “Yinhe-1”: China’s First Giant Computer Capable of Performing 100 Million Calculations per Second Was Produced in Hunan

    On December 26, 1983, China’s first “Yinhe-1” giant computer, which was capable of performing 100 million calculations per second, passed technical review. It marked that, China became the third country having the ability to design and produce giant computer, after U.S.A and Japan.

  • Hunan Leads the World in Hybrid Rice Research

    In 1975, hybrid rice were planted in more than 4,000 m (266.8 ha.) of paddy fields in dozens of provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions nationwide, including Hunan and Guangxi. In 1976, this number increased to 2.28 million mu (152,076 ha.). A great breakthrough was made in China’s rice breeding.

  • Hunan Has 73 Lieutenant and Higher-rank Generals Who Fought for the Founding of New China, Ranking First Nationwide

    In 1955, the government of New China endowed its own senior officers. Among the 254 lieutenant and higher-rank generals, 73 were from Hunan, ranking first nationwide. The list includes 3 marshals, 6 great generals, 19 generals, and 45 lieutenant generals.

  • Zhuzhou 331 Factory Developed China’s First Aero-engine

    In 1950s, the CPC Central Committee decided to accelerate aviation industry development, in order to support the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, and meet the demand of China air force construction. The Zhuzhou 331 Factory, currently the AECC South Industry Company Limited, undertook the task of developing aero-engines.

  • Hunan Ranks 1st in the Number of the Two “100 Chinese Models”

    Hunan has 17 candidates for the “100 Chinese heroes and role models who have made remarkable contributions to the founding of the People’s Republic of China”, and 9 for the”100 figures touching China in the history of New China”, ranking first nationwide.