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15 July 2015

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Taiwan Media Speak Highly of Hunan Intelligent Manufacturing

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Reporters of more than 30 media visited Hunan’s leading intelligent manufacturers, including Maglev Express, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive, and Sunward, during their stay for the 12th Hunan-Taiwan Cooperation Conference on Economy & Trade from November 17 to 22, 2016.

Taiwan CTV reporter Zheng Huaichao was full of praise for the Changsha Maglev Express’ safety and comfort. The maglev express technology is advancing in Chinese mainland. He looked forward that Taiwan would introduce such maglev trains independently developed by Chinese mainland in the near future.

“The train is amazing that it can run another 10 km after 30-second charging! Moreover, 80% braking energy can be recycled!” Jinmen Xin Newspaper Chief Editor Cai Jianren was deeply impressed by such energy-saving and environmental friendly technology, and expected its operation in Taiwan one day.

Sunward’s light-sport aircrafts caught visitors’ eyes. “I see a promising prospect of Hunan’s industrial development, considering its leaping from ‘making’ to ‘intelligent manufacturing’”, said CTnews Campus Associated Chief Editor Wang Yafen. “It is prospective to develop gasoline-powered aircrafts for private use”, she added.

“Both Hunan and Taiwan are superior in intelligent manufacturing and electronics. Some Taiwan enterprises have settled in Hunan. This Conference provided chance for Taiwan enterprises to understand Hunan market, and further, demonstrated similarities and potential for cooperation between the two regions”, said Taiwan Business News Zhang Wenning.

“Hunan has been developing and making progress,” said Lv Tinghua, chief editor of the CTnews Campus. This Conference was the first large event in intelligent manufacturing field between Hunan and Taiwan. Three leading intelligent manufactures in Taiwan came for this occasion, to learn about Hunan’s achievements in the field. Lv expected a new platform for the cooperative development of Taiwan and Hunan enterprises would be established.

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