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15 July 2015

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Hunan's 12 Districts, Counties, County-level Cities Included in Top 100 Investment Competitiveness Lists

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On November 23, CCID Consulting released the "CCID Top 100 Counties with Investment Competitiveness (2021)" and the "CCID Top 100 Districts with Investment Competitiveness (2021)". Hunan's 12 districts, counties, and county-level cities made the lists, including all the 6 districts, 1 county, and 2 county-level cities of Changsha City. Changsha County ranked 9th nationwide, topping the list of central and western China for 4 consecutive years.

Investment competitiveness is a comprehensive consideration of regional government service level, infrastructure support, key element guarantee, and ecological environment. Its improvement is an important path for expanding effective investment, optimizing supply structure, and cultivating emerging industries.

Among the top 100 counties, Changsha County ranked 9th in China, Liuyang County-level City 21st, Ningxiang County-level City 24th, Liling County-level City 49th, Shaodong County-level City 65th, and Miluo County-level City 95th. Among the top 100 districts, Changsha’s Tianxin and Yuhua Districts entered top 50, ranking 43rd and 50th respectively. Kaifu District reached the 54th place, Yuelu District 61st, Furong District 63rd, and Wangcheng District 87th.

CCID Consulting is a research institution under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its selection of the top 100 districts and the top 100 counties with investment competitiveness has certain reference value. There were 12 districts, counties, and county-level cities of Hunan Province included in the 2021 lists. From the perspective of professional think tanks, it reflects the provincial achievements in implementing the Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy and promoting high-quality development. The fact that the 9 districts, county, and county-level cities of Changsha were on the list indicated that Changsha has paid close attention to the construction of key industries, projects, and industrial parks; certain results have been achieved through the continued optimizing the business environment; and, maintained a sustained and stable development momentum.

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