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15 July 2015

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“Taste of Hunan” Gourmet Food Season to Kick off in August

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A preparatory conference for the 2021 “Taste of Hunan” Gourmet Food Season was held in Changsha on July 21. The conference announced that, the gourmet food season will be launched in early August, and last until late December. It aims to give play to the role of consumption to foster featured brands of Hunan gourmet food, and further stimulate potential of consumption. 

The event aims to seek gourmet food in Hunan, explore Hunan culture, reinforce Hunan cuisine industry, and boost consumption in urban and rural areas. It will organize assessments at county, city, and provincial levels, and highlight famous dishes, cooks, restaurants, and quality ingredients. Activities will be held in star-rated hotels, featured streets and neighborhoods, featured towns, recommended travel routes, and large-scale events. Both online and offline, and professional and mass evaluations will be combined for food brand promotion, to boost integration of domestic and foreign trade, as well as the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries.

This event is co-hosted by the Hunan Department of Commerce, Hunan Provincial People’s Government Information Office, Hunan Department of Culture and Tourism, Hunan Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Hunan Bureau of Rural Revitalization, and Hunan Broadcasting System.

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