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15 July 2015

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Measures Rolled out to Facilitate Agricultural Product Export

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The Changsha Customs rolled out 18 measures on July 20, to boost rural revitalization by promoting agricultural product export. The measures focus on the characteristics of Hunan’s agricultural industry and the demands of foreign trade development, in a bid to expand agricultural product export and develop new growth pole of foreign trade. 

The 18 measures are stated in four aspects:
- streamline working procedures to facilitate enterprises to get registered for export approval;
- improve services to elevate quality and safety level, build the “quality product” brand, and raise the reputation, of Hunan agricultural products;
- innovate in supervision and facilitate customs clearance of agricultural products; and,
- intensify collaboration with agricultural and commercial departments, to encourage Hunan-based agricultural product export enterprises to participate in international expositions and exhibitions, and particularly, take the opportunities brought by the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo to promote Hunan food and agricultural products to Africa.

Beyond that, the Changsha Customs will take law-based measures to protect quality brands, patents, and other intellectual properties based on law, to create a favorable environment for agricultural product export enterprises. Efforts will also be made to crack down on the acts of selling counterfeits and inferior products, strengthen investigation of related cases, and maintain export order of agricultural products. 

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