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15 July 2015

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Vice Governor Zhu Highlights Sci-Tech Innovation Plan During 14th “Five-Year-Plan” Period

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On January 11, Hunan Vice Governor Zhu Zhongming went to Hengyang City to inspect scientific and technological innovation work. He visited relevant sci-tech enterprises and innovation platforms, and held a symposium to listen to the opinions and suggestions of representatives from all parties on the “14th Five-Year Plan” scientific and technological innovation work.

Vice Governor Zhu successively came to TBEA Yunji 5G Technology Park, Foxconn Industrial Internet Intelligent Manufacturing Valley, Hengyang 5G Materials and Equipment Innovation Center, Enterprise Listing Counseling and Innovation Center, University of South China (USC) Radiation-Mitochondria and Major Human Disease Laboratory, Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Center. He learned about the company’s new product research and development progress, pilot trials, and industrialization; the results of industry-university-research-institute cooperation between Shanghai Jiaotong University and Hengshan Science Town; and, USC’s discipline advantages, innovation teams, technology research and development, and achievement transformation. At the symposium, representatives from cities, counties, industrial parks, universities, scientific research institutes, and enterprises offered suggestions on the creation of a technological innovation highland with core competitiveness in Hunan and the preparation of the “14th Five-Year” special plan for technological innovation.

Vice Governor Zhu asked to focus on implementing the “three highlands and four new missions” strategy and striving to build a modern new Hunan. He emphasized that efforts should be made to:
-Extensively solicit and absorb the opinions and suggestions of representatives from all parties;
-Scientifically plan the “14th Five-Year” scientific and technological innovation work;
-Implement the seven major actions and plans;
-Optimize innovation ecology; and,
-Strive to build superior industries, original technologies, innovation platforms, and innovative talents.

It is necessary to plan the layout of scientific research and innovation and establish a scientific and technological innovation system that is vertical to the bottom and horizontal to the margin. Governments at all levels should seize opportunities; give full play to their advantages; find a correct positioning; and jointly draw a coordinate map of scientific and technological innovation across Hunan, so as to provide important support and make positive contributions to building a technological innovation highland with core competitiveness, he added.

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