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15 July 2015

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Int’l Children’s Day Celebrations Across Hunan

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The water park of the Changsha Underwater World offers free admission to visitors between June 1 and 3. (Photo from Changsha Underwater World)


Starting from June 1, children visitors may have a chance to be a kid tiger keeper at Sanzhen Tiger Park. (Photo from Changsha Sanzhen Tiger Park)


The 2018 China Outdoor Fitness and Leisure Sports Meeting will be held at Taohuyuan Scenic Spot between June 1 and 3. (Photo from Taohuyuan Scenic Spot)

The International Children’s Day falls on Friday this year. Various activities will be held across Hunan to celebrate the occasion between June 1 and 3.

1. Venue: Changsha Underwater World
Activity: offering free entrance to the water park
2. Venue: Guangming Butterfly Valley, Wangcheng
Activities: fish catching contest; outdoor relay race; amusement park events; butterfly experience program
3. Venue: Beila Town, Wangcheng
Activity: domestic and international families are invited to participate in a fashion show.
4. Venue: Wharf Holdings Limited’s Times Outlets, Ningxiang
Activities: Peppa pig-themed masquerade; story-telling session; DIY masks
5. Venue: Changsha Sanzhen Tiger Park
Activity: to be a kid tiger keeper

1. Venue: Fengxiang Yao Village, Xupu
Activity: children under 14 enjoy free entrance to the village.
2. Venue: Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County
Activity: free admission offered at Disun Miao Village, Feishan Scenic Spot, and Wenfeng Tower; the 2018 Hunan (Jingzhou) Strawberry Festival and Promotional Events on Poverty Alleviation through Industrial Development will be held on June 3. Visitors may pick strawberries.

Venue: Yunmeng Fangzhou International Tourist Resort
Activity: free admission offered to children under the height of 1.5 meters when accompanied by adults

Venue: Taohuayuan Scenic Spot
Activity: the 2018 China Outdoor Fitness and Leisure Sports Meeting will be held.
Sub-events: sports events (10-km for athletes, 3-km for amateurs, and hiking); experience events (tourist products expo, Taohuayuan embroidery exhibition, specialties tasting); carnival; folk music gala; and camping

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Photo from Changsha Underwater World, Changsha Sanzhen Tiger Park, and Taohuayuan Scenic Spot