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15 July 2015

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Divorce Registration

In China, only the couples married (getting the marriage certificate through registration) in China, can their agreement divorce through registration be settled in China. Generally, only one foreign related marriage registration office is established in the capitals of provinces or municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of central government who is responsible for all foreign related marriages registration.
I. Documents Involved in the Process of Divorce Registration
According to the requirements of the office of Foreign Related Marriage Registration, Changsha  Municipal Civil Administration Bureau, Hunan Province, the documents required while applying for the divorce registration are as followed:
i. Foreign party's original passport and original marriage certificate (the foreign related marriage registration office will keep the photocopies of the two).
ii. Chinese party's original Identification Card, original census register book (Hukou Bu) and original marriage certificate (the foreign related marriage registration office will keep the photocopies of the three)
iii. Three copies of divorce agreement reached by both parties respectively in Chinese and English version, and the English version should be translated by specially appointed translation organization, with the organization's seal and both the two versions are sealed by the stamp of the special appointed translation organization.
iv. Two two-inch photos of each other (half-length, full-face and without hat)
v.  Both parties have gotten the marriage certificates from marriage registration office in Chinese Mainland or Chinese embassies (consulate).
vi. Divorce agreement signed by both sides which states clearly both sides are willing to get divorced and they reached consensus on issues such as children raising, property and debt.
vii. Nine Yuan RMB
II. Procedures to Divorce Registration
i. Submitting the documents for the preparatory examination
ii. Accepting the application if the documents submitted is up to the requirements formally
iii. Censoring the documents and the will of two parties and asking the two parities to fill the divorce application (mainly involved in basic information about both parties)
iv. Confirming the divorce if all documents are up to all requirements and on the basis of both parties' free will
*Before issuing the divorce certificate, the both parties will be required to sign the declaration on the declaration paper to confirmation they have agreed and decide to divorce.
Contact Information of Departments
Civil Affairs Department of Hunan Province
Office hours: Monday—Friday(except for the public holidays)
Tel: 0731-84502080
Address: No.276, Dongfeng Road, Changsha City
Buses: No.112, No.136, No.150, No.302, No.901, No.146
Bus Stop: Xiada Long
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