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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce

The Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, is a functional department that has been authorized by the provincial government. It is in charge of both internal and external trade in Hunan Province, and all international, economic cooperation which has been authorized by the Hunan provincial government. The principal functions of its administrative organizations, in relation to foreign investment include:


1  Liaison Office of Foreign Investment 

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Fax:(86) 731-82284442,82287124,82287190


Main Responsibilities: 

(1)To carry out various policies and regulations, in relation to foreign investment; to take charge of planning, approval, guidance, and coordination of Hunan's foreign investment promotional activities;

(2)To organize and participate in foreign investment promotional activities at the provincial and state level; research and propose long term development plans, industry orientation gist, opinions, and suggestions on the planning and layout for foreign investment in Hunan Province;

(3)To produce foreign investment projects, set up databases of investment projects and investors, and direct and coordinate investment promotional practices;

(4)To cooperate with relevant departments in the conducting of the preparatory work for foreign investment, including project packing, recommendation, publishing, negotiation, etc;

(5)To compile and print the Hunan Investment Guide and the regularly published Foreign Investment Guidance Catalogue of Investment Projects;

(6)To take charge of management and coordination of overseas investment promotional activities;

(7)To organize the reception, negotiation, and investigation of foreign investors; to participate, coordinate, and guide detailed foreign trade, and the economic cooperation of economic and technological development zones, at the provincial level. 


2  Administration Office of Foreign-funded Enterprises


Main Responsibilities: 

(1) To guide and administrate foreign investments in Hunan Province, including those from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan;

(2)To examine and report the establishment and alteration of foreign-funded enterprises in primary & secondary industry, which of those enterprises possess funds above the national limitation or belong to those whose investment is restricted, and need be approved by the State Ministry of Commerce, according to the relevant laws and regulations of China;

(3)To examine and approve the contracts and regulations of foreign-funded enterprises in the primary & secondary industry, as well as all important alterations (including capital increase & deduction, share transfer & combination) stipulated, according to the laws and regulations of China, which concern funds within the national limitation and/or are above 30 million USD, by the commission of the State Ministry of Commerce;

(4)To supervise and examine the implementation of relevant laws, regulations, and contracts by foreign-funded enterprises in the primary & secondary industry, and coordinate and resolve possible problems;

(5)To spearhead and organize the joint annual inspections of foreign-funded enterprises in Hunan Province;

(6)To compile the annual guidance planning for foreign investment and examine the implementation of the planning for Hunan Province;

(7)To examine foreign-funded enterprises in the primary & secondary industry, in relation to import & export materials and quota, and take charge of the application and authorizing of licenses;

(8)To confirm and assess export enterprises and technologically advanced enterprises with foreign investment;

(9)To provide the Import Certificate for the "five categories of enterprises" and the Confirmation Letters on Chinese-funded and Foreign-funded Projects Encouraged by the State;

(10)To organize the inspection of the export products of foreign-funded enterprises of permitted categories, whose products are to be directly and wholly exported;

(11)Tocollect foreign investment statistics, and to analyze and manage foreign investments in Hunan Province;

(12)To examine and evaluate the investment environment and the foreign direct investment in the development zones, at and above the provincial level, within Hunan Province;

(13)To collect and coordinate the complaints of foreign-funded enterprises in Hunan Province.


 3 Trade Service Office


Main Responsibilities: 

(1)To macroscopically guide, and comprehensively administrate, the service trade in Hunan province, including foreign-fund introduction in the tertiary industry and exploitation of service sector of the international market;

(2)To authorize the permission for the establishment, contract, constitution, and alteration approval of the service enterprises with foreign funds (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan);

(3)To audit and report the activities of service trade projects with foreign funds (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), which are prescribed to be approved by the State Ministry of Commerce;

(4)To issue the confirmation letters and import permission to service enterprises with foreign funds (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan);

(5)To check and verify those export-oriented enterprises with foreign fund and technically advanced enterprises;

(6)To inspect the import materials of service enterprises with foreign fund (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), their import-export quotas, permission applications and issuance;

(7)To guide and coordinate foreign-contracted service projects;

(8)To guide and supervise the technology introduction, technology and software export;

(9)To handle the contract registration for free technology import and export, except technology restricted or forbidden by the state to import and export, and important national technology introduction projects;

(10)To record and analyze service trade in Hunan Province (including technology import and export, and foreign-contracted service projects);

(11)To handle the connection of cross-departmental coordination in service trade.


 4 Processing Trade Office


Main Responsibilities:
(1)To To implement national rules and policies on processing trade, formulate development plans for the processing of trade in Hunan Province, and introduce detailed ways and measures for the promotion of investment in that trade;

(2)To manage databases of investment promotion projects, and of investors, and guide and coordinate investment promotion practices for that trade;

(3)To examine and approve the project contracts of processing with supplied materials, manufacturing with supplied drawing and samples, assembling with supplied parts, and compensation trade;

(4)To guide and coordinate external processing and assembling of various enterprises in Hunan Province;

(5)To take charge of guidance, coordination, examination, and approval of the processing trade zones, at the provincial level;

(6)To collect and analyze processing trade statistics, and bring forward ways and measures to promote that trade.

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