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15 July 2015

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Foreign Affairs Office

Tel:(86)731 82287075


Main Responsibilities:

(1) To draft management system for checking and approving Hunan economy and trade staff's temporary going abroad on business; handle the approval documents for those tasks of going abroad on business in import and export trade, labor export, economic and technical cooperation, technical training, Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises.

(2) To select, send and submit reports about service staff in Hunan organizations abroad.

(3) To assist relevant departments in selecting and sending our staff engaged in foreign economy and trade and staying permanently abroad.

(4) To undertake training of foreign economy and trade staff before going abroad.

(5) To coordinate relevant departments in dealing with discipline violation, injury, disability and death of  overseas staff.

(6) To handle the invitation for the foreign economy and trade guests to Hunan.

(7) To check, approve and manage foreign trade organs (representative offices) in Hunan.

(8)To undertake other affairs instructed by department leaders.