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15 July 2015

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Foreign Economic Cooperation Office

Tel:(86)731 82287181


Main Responsibilities:

(1)To implement national laws, rules and regulations concerning foreign economic cooperation.

(2)To take charge of such foreign economic cooperation matters as contracting foreign projects, labor cooperation, design consultation and others in different forms.

(3)To sudy and draft development strategies, principles and policies about foreign economic cooperation, make middle and long-term planning for economic cooperation like contracting foreign projects, labor cooperation etc, and annual guidance plans and implement them.

(4) To check, according to law, enterprises in Hunan investing abroad.

(5)To undertake work of applying for and changing the rights of enterprises with qualifications for foreign economic cooperation ruled by the State and work of annual examination of foreign economic enterprises and enterprises investing abroad.

(6)To guide, coordinate and manage export of equipment for foreign economic programs.

(7)To microscopically guide and manage training of business managers engaged in foreign economic cooperation and overseas labor service staff.

(8)To guide and manage aid projects and foreign assistance projects in Hunan.

(9)To contact and coordinate Contractor Association.

(10)To count and analyze economic cooperation of overseas project contracts, labor service cooperation, design consultation, etc;.

(11) To undertake other affairs instructed by department leaders.