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15 July 2015

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Foreign Capital Management Office and Foreign Complaint Coordination Center

Main Responsibilities: 


(1)To macroscopically guide and comprehensively manage foreign (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) investment attraction in the whole province. 


(2) To take charge of work of checking and reporting establishment and change of foreign-invested enterprises specified by laws and regulations and approved by Commerce Department. 


(3) To check contracts, regulations and important changes of laws and regulations (including increase and decrease in capital, transfer of shares and consolidation) of those foreign-invested enterprises of primary and secondary industries with over $30,000,000 dollars and within the quota specified by the State and entrusted to be checked and approved by the Department of Commerce. 


(4)To supervise and inspect implementing of relevant laws, rules, contracts and regulations on the part of foreign-invested enterprises of primary and secondary industries, coordinate and solve relevant problems, head the organization of annual joint examination of foreign-invested enterprises; 


(5) To make annual guidance plans for foreign investment in Hunan, examine the implementing, check import and export of materials and the quotas of those enterprises of primary or secondary industries mentioned in 4), report and distribute licenses. 


(6) To confirm and examine foreign-invested export enterprises and advanced technological enterprises, issue, specified by the State, the Confirmation of Domestic or Foreign-Invested Projects Encouraged by the State for primary and secondary industries and five-type enterprises' s import Certificate ; check and organize export of foreign-invested enterprises permitted to directly export all products; 


(7)To undertake counting, comprehensive analysis and tracking management of foreign investment. 


(8)To undertake examination and evaluation of investment environment of our development zones at provincial level and examination of its direct employment of foreign capital. 


(9) To handle and coordinate complaints of foreign-invested enterprises in Hunan. 


(10) To contact Foreign-invested Enterprise Association and Foreign Investment Service Center. 


(11)To undertake other affairs instructed by department leaders. 


Tel: (86)731 82287119