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15 July 2015

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Investment Promotion and Liaison Division

Tel: (86)731 82287125, 82284442, 82287057, 82289534,  82287124, 82287190
Fax: (86)731 82284442, 82287124, 82287190
Main Responsibilities: 

(1) To apply various principles, policies and rules about foreign investment, bear the responsibility for examining, approve planning, guiding and coordinating foreign investment activities and organize and join in the provincial and national investment promotion activities. 

(2) To study and propose middle and long-term development planning concerning foreign investment in Hunan industrial orientation and advice about planning layout. 

(3) To offer investment projects, establish investment project and client libraries, guide and coordinate foreign investment work. 

(4) To develop foreign investment projects with relevant departments and undertake the preparatory works such as packing, introduction, release and negotiation of such projects. 

(5) To make and print A Guide to Investment in Hunan and regularly release guidance categories and projects for foreign investment. 

(6) To take charge of centralized management and coordination of investment activities abroad. 

(7) To arrange such work as meetings, negotiations and investigation of foreign investors. 

(8) To take part in relevant work as coordinating and guiding national and provincial economic and technological development zones. 

(9) To take part in work of contacting and coordinating exhibition centers of departments. 

(10) To undertake other affairs instructed by department leaders.  
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