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15 July 2015

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Foreign Trade Development Division

Tel: (86) 731 82287061

Main Responsibilities:
(1) To draft middle- and long-term planning strategies of foreign trade development and propose suggestions of promoting its development.

(2) To make plans for implementing the strategy of market diversification and for exploring key markets by phases.

(3) To regulate the order of export and import, coordinate and guide the construction of foreign trade credit system.

(4) To study and spread all kinds of new international trade including e- commerce.

(5) To guide and coordinate foreign fairs for economy and trade, set-up exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad for planning.

(6) To check and register qualification for rights of Hunan enterprises to engage in the business of import and export,carry out annual verification of import & export enterprises, and undertake the management of these enterprises with qualifications.

(7) To undertake scheduling, comprehensive analysis and tracking management involved in import and export, counting and its analysis.

(8) To arrange and coordinate the cargo transportation in foreign trade, check and apply for qualification for international cargo transportation agent enterprisesand guide foreign trade and economics and warehouse management.

(9) To guide and coordinate foreign currency management of foreign trade enterprises.

(10)To contact and coordinate work of International Association for Commerce and Trade and the exhibition center departments.

(11)To undertake other affairs instructed by department leaders.