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15 July 2015

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Splendid Hunan

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Scenic spots in the video:


橘子洲头 Orange Isle, Changsha

As the world's longest inland river isle, Orange Isle connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, with a length of 5km and a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 70 kms.

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东江湖 Dongjiang Lake, Chenzhou

Located at the upriver of Dongjiang River, Dongjiang Lake is close to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and 107 national highway, 38 kilometers from the downtown of Zixing City. It is a man-made lake with coverage about 160 square kilometers and is called "Dongting Lake of southern Hunan".

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武陵源 Wulingyuan Scenic Area, Zhangjiajie

Wulingyuan Scenic Area spreads out among Wulingyuan mountains in Zhangjiajie City, southwest of Hunan Province. It is about 400 kilometers (248.56miles) away from Changsha, the provincial capital. The whole area includes four parts: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Yangjiajie Scenic Spot, Suoxi Valley and Mount Tianzi Nature Reserves with an area of 500 square kilometers (193 square miles).

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韶山 Shaoshan, Xiangtan

Shaoshan, the hometown of great Chairman Mao Zedong, is one of the important tourist zones in Hunan province. The major tourist sites including the Former Residence of Chairman Mao, Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong, Water-dripping Cave and Steles Forest of Mao's Poems.

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炎帝陵 Emperor Yan's Mausoleum, Zhuzhou 

Emperor Yan's Mausoleum is a State Preservation Unit of Key Historical Relics and a national AAAA tourist zone. The mausoleum was built in 967 AD during the North Song Dynasty to commemorate Emperor Yan, one of the earliest ancestors of the Chinese people.

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九嶷山·舜帝陵 Mausoleum of Emperor Shun on Mount Jiuyi, Yongzhou

Mount Jiuyi scenic area is a national AAAA scenic area occupying 200 square kilometers. On the mountain is the Mausoleum of Emperor Shun, a key cultural relic under state-level protection and one of the ten most famous cultural heritage sites in Hunan Province.

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岳麓书院 Yuelu Academy, Changsha

Yuelu Academy, one of the four greatest academies in ancient China, is situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain. Yuelu Academy began to run more than 1,000 years ago.

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洞庭湖 Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake spreads wide on an area of 1,300 square kilometers, second only to the Poyang Lake in Jiangxi Province. The East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve is one of China's 30 important wetlands in the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. Every year, 217 species of migratory birds under state protection live through the winter here.

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岳阳楼 Yueyang Tower, Yueyang

Yueyang Tower is one of three famous towers in South China. It stands close to Dongting Lake, facing Junshan Isle with the city behind. The main tower, 19 meters high, is a three-story structure supported by four pillars and made of pure wood and upturned eaves. The structure is a unique combination of artistic tastes, mechanics, architecture, and craftsmanship.

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南岳衡山 Mount Hengshan, Hengyang

Mount Hengshan is one of China's Five Sacred Mountains. For a long time, it is acknowledged as a holy place of religions, the Civilization Special Area, the Shou Mountain and the most scenic mount of the Five Sacred Mountains in China.

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茶马古道 Ancient Tea-Horse Road, Yiyang

The Ancient Tea-horse Road, an ancient commercial passage, has long been dubbed as the last caravan road and the best-preserved remnant of ancient tea-horse road in south China. Today, although the Tea-horse Road is no longer active as a trade route, it still keeps primitive folk custom alive, with abundance of unique natural scenery far away from the bustling city.

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紫鹊界 Ziquejie Terrace, Loudi

Ziquejie Terraced Field is one of the 8 new famous scenic spots in Hunan Province. The 80,000 mu (5,333 hectare) terraced fields, rising one upon another at an elevation of 500 meters to 1,100 meters, are endowed with natural self-irrigation and endless spring water.

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桃花源 Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Garden), Changde

Taohuayuan is well-known for the great prose entitled "Peach Blossom Spring" by the great poet Tao Yuanming (365AD-427AD). Extending from the spring is the extraordinary landscape where the grandeur of Mount Wuling, the quiet cave and valleys, the rolling water of Dongting Lake and the grace of mountains and rivers in Hunan are well-blended. It is also one of the four Taoism holy places; and it is called the No.42 Blessing Land.

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崀山 Mount Langshan, Shaoyang

Mount Langshan Scenic Area has a large area covered with rock formations called "Crimson Glow"-a rare topographic feature in the world. Huge rocks of dark red color of grotesque shapes present tourists a marvelous sight. The mountain slopes are covered with bamboo groves, where various kinds of birds live.

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黔阳古城 Qianyang Ancient Town, Huaihua

Qianyang Ancient Town in western Hunan's Hongjiang City has a history of more than 2,200 years. It is criss-crossed with nine streets and eighteen alleys lined with ancient buildings dating back to Ming (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). These well-preserved ancient buildings earned the town the title of “South China Filming Base" where more than 60 movies were shot. It was also renowned as Ancient Building Museum in the south of the Yangtze River.

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芙蓉镇 Furong Town, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

Furong Town boasts a history of 2,000 years traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties. It is the door of Mengdong River waterway tour and the south gate of Mengdong River scenic spot. A well-known film entitled "Lotus Flower (Furong) Town" was shot in this town, thus it is also called "Lotus Flower Town".

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凤凰古城 Fenghuang Ancient Town, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture

Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient Town is a famous historic and cultural city. It was ever praised as "the most beautiful small city in China" by Rewi Alley, a renowned author in New Zealand.

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