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15 July 2015

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Junshan Wild Lotus World

Junshan Wild Lotus World boasts the largest habitat of lotus in Asia, stretching to over 5,000 mu (about 333 hectares). It was hence named as "The Home to Chinese Wild Lotus" by the China Wild Plant Conservation Association in 2009.

Taking an hour or so to row a boat and pick lotus seeds on the lake is the common choice of visitors at Junshan Wild Lotus World Scenic Area. (The admission ticket covers both items.) Roaming in the ‘sea of lotus’ and having fun with water, you may be intoxicated with the delicate fragrance of lotus flowers saturated in the air and rolling river waves.

Strolling along paths adjacent to lotus pond, you will easily be attracted by various scenic spots such as Guanghe (lotus flower-viewing) Pagoda, Furong (lotus) Ancient Well, Dingbu Bridge, Ailian (love of waterlily) Pavilion, and Shanghe (lotus admiring) Bridge. It would be a most relaxed moment when being immersed in nature.

Ticket price: 40 yuan/adult for peak season; 20 yuan/adult for off season

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