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15 July 2015

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Mufu Mountain

The Mufu Mountains are a sub-range of the Luoxiao Mountains stretching roughly southwest-northeast for about 200 km from Pingjiang County, in Hunan, to Jiujiang County in Jiangxi. It covers 6,468 hectares with its highest peak reaching 1,606 meters.

Known as a “gene bank” for flora and fauna its forest coverage rate is nearly 94%. It has the largest Taiwan Red Pine[pinustaiwanensis] area, more than 1,100 hectares, south of the Yangtze. It is home to one class I national protected animal, the clouded leopard (Neofelisnebulosa), and 22 species of class II national protected animals including, among others, as the flat-chested tortoise, the tiger frog, the macaques, the pangolin, the jackals otter, and the big civet.

Anciently, Mufu was a strategically important battlefield. Well-preserved stone inscriptions along the mountain roads provide a chance to learn about the stories of ancient China. In addition to its profound culture, Mufu Mountain Forest Park is famous for its spectacular scenery, sparkling waterfall, ancient temples, rare flora, blooming flowers, and vast mountain meadows. Its perfect ecological tourism resources resulted in its being approved as a national level park by the State Forestry Administration of PRC in 2005.

Jungle Adventure Park, located atop Pingjiang’s Mufu Mountain, officially opened to the public on July 14. 

The idea of the park is French. The investment is 100 million CNY. It has outdoor expedition experiences that involves height, speed, strength and stamina in a series of jungle adventures, sporting events, entertainment, and challenges. Ten themed events with distinctive characteristics have been developed to meet the needs of age groups over 3 years old. 

Travel tips:

Admission fee of Mufu Mountain National Forest Park: 85 CNY/per person

The ten themed events include speedy ride; 1,435-meter zipline; jungle roller coaster; high-altitude jump; tree tops rope courses; swinging bridges; double-layer web-like nets; slingshot bungee; dry slide; and Hobbit Village. 

Ticket price for ten events: 999 CNY/per person

How to get there from Changsha:

It may take you 5 hours to Mufu Mountain. Take a high-speed train at the Changsha South Railway Station to Yueyang East Station; take a coach at the Yueyang Bus Station to Pingjiang; then take a bus at Pingjiang Bus Station to Nanjiang Town; and take a minibus to Mufu Mountain.

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