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15 July 2015

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Wujian Mountain Forest Park

 Wujian Mountain Forest Park
Area: Yueyang
Key Words:Wujian Mountain Forest Park
Themes:forest, scenery, leisure
Suitable for: family, the elderly, lovers, tour pals


It is 1 kilometer from the suburbs and is the forestry centre with an area of 1,800 hectares. Stumpage totals 100,000 cubic meters. It consists of five peaks, including Jiaoding Mountain, Yingzui Mountain, ZhouJia Mountain, Wangcheng Mountain and the Magu Mountain. The highest elevation is 588 meters, surrounded by 72 peaks. The park is divided into four big scenic areas, namely Wangcheng Mountain, colored watchtower, Chai Jiachong, Baibu ladder. It is a beautiful place.

Address: Wujian Mountain Forest Park, Linxiang City
National Rating: AAA
Tickets: 50 yuan/person
Opening time:8:00am-6:00pm