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15 July 2015

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The Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

The Second Xiangya Hospital, founded in 1958, is an affiliated hospital to Central South University, which has the most complete disciplines in China and is the largest Class A hospital in Hunan province. It has long enjoyed a great fame in south China. According to Fudan University's Ranking of Hospitals in China, it is ranked 13th in terms of comprehensive strength. The Hospital has now 3,360 regular beds, 42 clinical departments, 9 medical technology departments, 127 ward areas; 5,301 employees, including 923 experts with senior technical titles, along with 4 individuals recognized as National Outstanding Talents and 10 recognized as National Outstanding Youth Talents, 8 middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions to the National Health Commission, 56 experts who receive special allowance from the State Council, and 42 Famous Xiangya Doctors. Its employees have undertaken 39 positions in international academic institutions, and 53 positions in international academic magazines, and 9 chairman or vice chairman positions in secondary committees of the Chinese Medical Association and the Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

The Hospital has 23 key national clinical departments, in which psychiatry, endocrinology and metabolism, cardiovascular surgery, dermatology, geriatrics, clinical pharmacy and transplantation of organ rank in the top places in the country. The Hospital is a support unit for the national emergency medical rescue team, and has participated in almost all major emergency medical rescue operations in the country in recent years.

The Hospital has over 2,200 undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students; 6 first-level doctoral programs of clinical medicine, 31 secondary doctoral programs, and 110 doctoral supervisors. It has national pilot centers for experimental teaching, national specialty majors, national teaching teams and national prominent teachers, 5 national outstanding courses and shared courses. The Hospital has won 6 special awards in National Competition of Clinical Skills for College Students. It also has 2 national clinical medicine research centers, 1 state-province joint laboratory, 6 national key disciplines, 17 key provincial and ministerial-level laboratories and research centers. It has won 10 State Science and Technology Awards, and in the recent five years, it has undertaken 420 national projects, including 12 key research projects, 6 of the “973” and “863” projects, 18 national support plans, special key programs of national science and technology and key international cooperation programs. Technological influence in endocrinology and metabology, psychiatry, rheumatology, autoimmune diseases, nephrology, dermology ranks top ten in the country. 

Address:No.139, Renmin Middle Road, Changsha, Hunan
Tel: 0731-85295100

Source: official website of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University