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15 July 2015

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Zhurong Peak

Zhurong Peak is ranked top of the Four Wanders of Mount Hengshan. It was named after the God of Fire, Zhu Rong. Legend has it that he is an officer in the ancient times. At that time, people knew to set up fire by drilling woods but did not know how to store fire for future use. Zhu Rong solved the problem. He was, therefore, appointed by Emperor Huang, the officer in charge of fire, He was also appointed as Minister of Land and People, administrating the southern area of the kingdom. He lived in Mount Hengshan and was buried there after his death. In order to memorize his great contribution to people, the highest peak of Mount Hengshan, Zhurong Peak, is named after him. According to the archaism, the character 'zhu' stands for permanence and 'rong' for light, making him shinning forever.

Transport: Take tourist coaches from Hengyang to Mount Hengshan
Tel: 86-734-5675588
Admission (for reference): RMB258 yuan/adult (through ticket)

Zhurong Shrine

Located on the top of Zhurong Peak, Zhurong Shrine was converted into a shrine in Qing Dynasty in 1751. The building was constructed on a huge stone with granite. There are more than 30 steps from the peak to the shrine gate, where the gateway is engraved in three Chinese characters "zhurongfeng". Zhu Rong, the God of Fire, is worshipped in the main hall.

Behind the main hall is a small door that leads to the corridor at the back of the shrine. The steep Sheshen Cliff (Sacrificing Cliff)  is just behind the corridor. To the right of the main hall is another small door which leads to Wangyue Tower-the tip of the Zhurong Peak. Tourists can have a rest here and enjoy the beautiful moon and stars at night.