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15 July 2015

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Hengyang Curio City

Hengyang Curio City, which opened on May 27, 2011, is the first comprehensive antique collection market in Hengyang. It is located at the Chuangfu Building in Hengyang Train Station Square, close to the prosperous train station business circle and Guangdong Road Business Street. The curio city belongs to an important construction project in Hengyang City and it is also at the core of the business circle of Zhuhui District, approved by the municipal government. Merchants prefer this because of its convenient transportation and superb geographical advantages.


It has the most comprehensive business layout among Hengyang antique markets. You can find all kinds of commodities here, such as jewelry and jade articles, calligraphy and paintings, watches, ceramic and red stoneware products, postal stamps and cards, money and coins, old furniture, bamboo and wooden craftworks, ivory and horn products. Here, you can feel the rich characteristics of Huxiang culture.


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