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15 July 2015

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Orange Isle

The aerial photo shows Juzizhou (Orange Isle) Bridge of Changsha and the Orange Isle Scenic Area under the bridge.(Photo/Long Hongtao, Xinhua)

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Watched from the peak of Mount Yuelu, Orange Isle is like a black silk ribbon lying in the middle of the river and like a dark yellowish green barrier while seen in the river bank.

As the world's longest inland river isle, Orange Isle connects the Mount Yuelu in the west and the downtown in the east, with a length of 5km and a width of 50-200 meters and a total area of 91.64 hectares. Orange Isle comprises three nearly-connected isles: upper isle, middle isle and lower isle. The upper isle is called Ox-head Isle and middle isle is called Land-and-water Isle, while the lower isle is called Fujia Isle. Orange Isle referred to at present includes Ox-head Isle and Land-and-water Isle.

The isle has been a popular site for summer vacation for a long time. During his youth, Mao Zedong spent a lot of time walking on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. There is also a grand white marble monument, on which there are two seal cuttings: four Chinese characters Ju Zi Zhou Tou (Orange Isle) and a classical Chinese poem Changsha —to the tune of Qin Yuan Chun, both of which are Mao Zedong's works. The Statue of Young Mao Zedong is erected on the Orange Isle.

Orange Isle Tourism Wharf Route

The Jiuzhou Longxiang ferry of the Orange Isle Tourism Wharf Route is operated by a Hunan-based passenger transport company. According to the company staff, the ferry is the largest cruise ship on the Xiangjing River and can accommodate 260 passengers. There are daytime and night routes. The daytime route goes from Orange Isle Tourism Wharf to the Statue of Young Mao Zedong, Siyangfangzun Square and Du Fu Pavilion. In addition, the night route includes two more sites—Juzizhou (Orange Isle) Bridge and Wanda Plaza, based on the daytime one.


How to get there: take metro line 2 and get off at Juzizhou Station

Opening hours: 7:00-22:00

Admission: free of charge

Service hotline: 86-731-️88882152