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15 July 2015

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Tea Houses and Bars-Changsha

Changsha has diversified performing arts and entertainment industry for all tastes. Nowadays, there are totally over 300 bars on large or small scales.


KTV Centers

The KTV centers in Changsha integrate singing, dancing and the performance of quyi (folk art forms including ballad singing, story telling, comic dialogues, clapper talks, cross talks, etc.),  skits with local characteristics, and humorous dialogues. Such recreational centers are mainly located in Wuyi Square, West Jiefang Road, South Cai E Road and Huang Xing Road, of which the Tian Han Grand Theatre on West Labor Road is fairly famous.


Changsha has a great number of bars. At nightfall, the bars in West Jiefang Road, and Wuyi Avenue near the Railway Station are packed with customers. Amidst beautiful songs and melodious music, some people enjoy themselves to their hearts content while some others may relax themselves quietly in the bars.


Main recreational centers:


Tian Han Grand Theater
Add: 347 W. Laodong Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-85812811

Hunan Grand Theater
Add: 139 Shaoshan Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-84171639 


Gangdao Performing Arts Center
Add: 9 Renmin Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-84190333


Changsha Film City
Add: 170 M. Renmin Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-85532929 


Golden Times Bar
Add: 266 W. Jiefang Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-84190333


Coco Bar(Literature and Art Shop)
Add: opposite the overseas Chinese Building, M. Jiefang Rd., Changsha
Tel: (86)731-84420833