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15 July 2015

Cultural Landscape

Youshui River Landscape

Youshui River Landscape includes Red Stone Forest National Geopark, Mengdong River and Wuxi Lake.
Red Stone Forest National Geopark
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The first red carbonate-rock stone forest national geopark of China is located in Guzhang County of Jishou City, Hunan Province.
The geopark may date back to the Ordovician Period of 480 million years ago. The park outstands with its deep caves and miles of red carbonate-rock stones whose color changes with the weather, purplish red in sunny days and brownish red in rainy days.
It is also of high value in geological research, aesthetic appreciation, and tourism, with karst typographies, canyons, caves, lakes and waterfalls all gathering here. Folk customs and arts such as original ecological dances "Maogusi" and "hand-waving" are included in the intangible cultural heritage of state level, further adding luster to the park.
Transport: Visitors can take the train at Jishou Railway Station and get off at Mengdong River Railway Station.
Admission:  RMB168 yuan/adult:
Opening hours: 08:00 -18:00
Mengdong River 

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The 112-kilometer-long river originates in Longshan County. In the lower reaches, it joins You River, and goes into Yuan River. It was named Mengdong River after the hole in its sources in Mengbi Vally in Longshan County. Nowadays, the Mengdong River scenic spot is famous largely as an ideal place for rafting. Here visitors can raft on it in rubber boats, and because of the fantastic scenery and unforgettable experience, it gains the praise as the "number one rafting in the world".
Mengdong River is one of the sources of the culture of Tujia nationality. One can know more about the history, culture and customs of Tujia nationality by visiting the Old Town of Wang Valley,Tujia History Museum, Tujia Custom Museum. At the same time, one can take part in various cultural activities.
Transport: Visitors can take a taxi from Wangcun Town to reach here
Tel: (86)743-5853367.
Admission (for reference):  RMB124 yuan/adult:
Opening hours: 08:00 -18:00
Wuxi Lake 

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Wuxi Lake is situated at the entrance of the Huayan Stream Scenic Area in Changde City, Hunan Province. The Chinese name Wuxi means five streams, for there are five streams entering into the lake, including Luojia Stream and Huayan Stream.
It covers 23.8 square kilometers with a storage area of 9000 mu(6.13 sq km). During the spring and summer, here welcomes beautiful scenery with blossom flowers and azury lake.  Sunlight filters through trees and leaves while fishes are swimming in the lake and birds are frolicking with each other in the sky. There are over ten islands in the lake, called “Island chain with five lakes”. The islands differ in shape and size, the largest of which covers an area of 20 mu (0.013 square kilometers) with the vast stretches of high-quality rape flourishing.
In the late spring or early summer, the islands in the lake are like green viviparas, vivid and peaceful, in the light of afterglow. The picturesque view differs in morning and evening as well as four seasons. Canoeing the boat on the lake, you could feel intoxicated in the view of landscape and enjoy the special atmosphere between the mountains.
Ticket price
The price: 30 Yuan
Traffic Tips:
It is located at the entrance of the scenic spot. The upper reach is connected with the Majiaxi Tunnel and the Longfeng Lake.