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15 July 2015

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Department of Education of Hunan Province

Address: No. 238, 2nd Section of 2nd East Ring Road, Changsha, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410016
Telephone: +86 731 84714924


Main Responsibilities:


The Education Department of Hunan Province and the Education Commission of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee have the following main missions:


1.To implement state education laws and regulations; to draft local educational rules and regulations; and to draw up strategies, policies and plans for the educational reform and development of the province and organize their implementation.


2.To take charge of the overall planning, coordination and management of all forms of education at various levels; to formulate, in collaboration with relevant departments, the standards for the setting-up of schools of all types at various levels; to guide the reform of education and teaching methods; and to take charge of the statistics, analysis, and release of basic educational information.


3.To promote all-round development of compulsory education and equitable education; to take charge of the macro-guidance and coordination of compulsory education; to direct the regular senior secondary education, pre-school education, and special education; to lay down requirements and basic documents for teaching in elementary education; to organize the examination and approval of local course materials for elementary education and commissioned unified course materials; and to carry on quality-oriented education in an all-round way.


4.To provide guidance for the development and reform of employment-oriented vocational education; to formulate documents for the guidance of teaching and standards of teaching assessment; and to enhance the compiling of teaching materials for secondary vocational education and to improve the occupational counseling.


5.To direct and coordinate higher education, higher education for adults, self-study examination of higher education, and continuing education; to study and formulate standards for the setting-up of all forms of higher education, documents of teaching, and standards of assessment and organize their implementation; and to undertake, in accordance with relevant rules, the examination and approval, and reporting and approval for the establishment, adjustment and renaming of higher learning institutions.


6.To take charge of the overall management of the educational funds under the jurisdiction of the Education Department of the province; to take part in formulating policies for the raising and allocation of educational funds, and capital investment in construction for educational purposes; to prepare statistics of and perform supervision over the educational funds in their input and use; to provide management, in accordance with relevant rules, over the educational aids and loans of the province provided by governments and organizations from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas countries; to direct and coordinate the work on extending financial help to needy students; and to direct and organize the implementation of auditing on the departments within the education system.


7.To plan and direct the educational work for the ethnic minority groups, and to coordinate the educational aids to the ethnic minority groups, ethnic minority areas, and impoverished areas.


8.To direct the work of ideology and political education, moral, physical, health, arts, and national defense education in all types of schools at various levels; to direct the construction of the Party, publicity, united front work, and mass organizations in the institutions of higher learning; and to direct and coordinate the work of the education system.


9.To administer teachers' work across the province within the limit of our duties according to the stipulations prescribed in the Teachers Law of the People's Republic of China; to implement the standards for qualification for teachers of all types and at various levels, and formulate, in collaboration with relevant departments, the standards for the establishment of schools of all types and at various levels.


10.To manage the entrance examination for academic credentials for higher and secondary education of various forms, and the administration of records of students' enrollment status; to make recruitment plans for higher education in collaboration with relevant departments; to take part in drawing up the employment policies for college and university graduates; and to direct regular colleges and universities in their work to facilitate the graduates' job hunting and starting of their own businesses.


11.To plan and guide the research by institutions of higher education in natural sciences, philosophy and social sciences; to coordinate and guide the institutions of higher education to take part in developing the national and provincial innovation system, and undertake the State's and provincial key projects and programmes for the development of science and technology; to guide the construction and development of the scientific and technological innovation of institutions of higher education; to direct the informatisation of education and promote the integration of production, teaching and research.


12.To organize and guide international educational exchanges and cooperation; to coordinate and guide the programmes for Chinese students studying abroad and foreign students studying in Hunan, joint educational programmes by Chinese and foreign educational institutions, and the management of schools for the children of foreign nationals; to plan, coordinate and direct the work of promoting the Chinese language in the world; and to carry out educational cooperation and exchanges with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


13.To organize and guide supervision over the education work of the province.


14.To manage the work of the spoken and written Chinese language of the province; to compile plans for the development of the Chinese language of the province and organize their implementation; to direct the popularization of Putonghua and standard Chinese characters, and the training of teachers of Putonghua.


15.To take charge of the work of the conferring of academic degrees; to be responsible for the implementation of the conferral system for academic degrees.


16.To assist the Organization Department of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee in inspecting and managing school leading groups and leaders; to direct the work of ideological education and training for cadres of institutions of higher learning.


17.To carry out other work assigned by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People's Government.