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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department

Address: No. 233 Yuelu Avenue, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410013
Telephone: +86 731 88988666



Main Responsibilities:

1.To implement macro-strategies for sci-tech development, as well as guidelines, policies and regulations for science and technology to promote economic and social development; to investigate major issues concerning the promotion of economic and social development by science and technology across Hunan; to investigate and determine the major deployment and priority areas for sci-tech development across Hunan; to promote the building of Hunan' s sci-tech innovation system and improve the innovation capacity.


2.To organize the formulation of mid-term and long-term plans and annual programmes for Hunan' s sci-tech development; to participate in the review and decision-making of cross-departmental, multi-disciplinary comprehensive projects influential to economic and social development.


3.To implement guidelines, policies and measures of institutional reforms in science and technology; to promote the establishment of sci-tech innovation system and mechanisms conforming to the socialist market economy and the intrinsic laws of sci-tech development; to guide the institutional reforms in science and technology by various departments, municipalities and prefectures.


4.To investigate and propose measures to increase sci-tech investment through various channels, and optimize the distribution of sci-tech resources; to manage budgets and final accounts of science administrative expenses, the three expenditures on science and technology (i.e. the expenditure on trial-producing new products, the expenditure on the middle stage tests, and the expenditure on subsidies for major scientific research projects), the funds for foreign affairs concerning science and technology, etc.


5.To implement policies and measures for strengthening fundamental research and hi-tech development; to develop and organize the implementation of Hunan' s Major Fundamental Research Plan, Hi-tech Research and Industrial Development Plan, Key Technologies Development Plan, Sci-tech Innovation Programme, and Sci-tech Programme for Social Development.


6.To strengthen the industrialization of high and new technologies and the development and promotion of applied technologies; to guide the transformation of sci-tech achievements; to manage the work on major new hi-tech products of the provincial level; to develop and guide the implementation of sci-tech development programmes and guidebooks such as the Torch Programme, Spark Programme, Achievement Promotion Programme, etc.; to administer hi-tech industrial development zones and university technological parks; to promote hi-tech exports and implement related policies.


7.To participate in formulating construction plans for sci-tech bases such as major sci-tech projects; to formulate and implement plans for sci-tech bases such as key laboratories.


8.To implement the rational distribution of human resources in science and technology and propose relevant policies that can fully encourage the enthusiasm of sci-tech talents and help create a favourable development environment.


9.To conduct investigations and offer suggestions on the provincial sci-tech laws and regulations; to administer Hunan' s sci-tech achievements and awards, sci-tech secrecy, technical market, and science- and technology-related intellectual property rights protection, etc.; to make plans for science and technology popularization, and use policy guidance to promote the development of science popularization; to promote the development of social intermediary agencies working on sci-tech consulting, public bidding, and assessment, etc. and promote the establishment of a sci-tech service system.


10.To manage science and technology information, statistics and journals; to examine the establishment and adjustment of scientific research institutions.


11.To manage science- and technology-related foreign affairs across Hunan; to investigate and develop plans and programmes for Hunan' s sci-tech foreign cooperation and exchanges, and organize the implementation of such plans; to organize the review of sci-tech foreign affairs and cooperative projects; to participate in the review and decision-making of major introduced projects.


12.To guide and coordinate the sci-tech management efforts in various provincial departments, as well as municipalities and prefectures across Hunan.


13.To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People' s government.