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15 July 2015

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Department of Natural Resources of Hunan Province

Address: No. 8 West Xiangfu Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410004
Telephone: +86 731 89991111



Main Responsibilities:
1. To draft local rules and regulations related to mapping administration and natural resources such as land and mineral resources, and implement them after approval; to take charge of relevant administrative reviews in accordance with relevant regulations; to study and draft policies of administration, protection and rational utilization of land and mineral resources; to carry out and implement technical criteria, regulations and measures for land, mineral resources and mapping.

2. To compile and implement a master plan for land planning and land use, and other plans for special projects; to take part in examination and verification of general urban planning submitted to the provincial government, and guide and approve the master plan of land use for cities and counties; to organize the investigation and evaluation of mineral resources,  and work out plans for mineral resource protection and rational utilization, ecological exploration surveys, geological disaster prevention and control, and ecological relic protection; to compile and implement the development of the planning of mapping industry, and basic mapping plans.

3 To supervise and inspect law enforcement at the city or county (municipality) level by superintendent authorities of state land and resources and the implementation of plans relating to land and mineral resources; to protect the legitimate rights of the owners and users of land and mineral resources in accordance with the law, to undertake the mediation and handling of serious rights disputes, to investigate and deal with serious law-violation cases.

4. To draft and implement policies for the protection of arable land and land reclamation, to exert control over the different purposes of land used for agriculture; to organize the protection of capital farmland; to direct and supervise the development of unused land, land level-off, land revitalization and reclamation so as to ensure  increased (instead of decreased)  cultivated land.

5. To implement  cadastral measures, guide cadastral administration of the Province; to organize land and resources surveys, cadastral surveys, land statistics and dynamic monitoring; to direct the confirmation of land titles, land grading, registration and other related work.

6. To draft and implement rules on land use right transfer, lease, evaluation, trading and government purchase; to formulate state-owned land allocation utilization guidelines and county (town) village land use regulations, and to administer the transfer of titles to use non-agricultural land owned by rural collectives.

7. To guide the evaluation of average and announced land prices inf Hunan Province; to examine and approve the qualification of agencies engaged in land appraisal and confirm land-use prices; to examine and submit applications for land use that requires the approval of the State Council and the Provincial Government.

8. To supervise the examination, approval, registration and licensing of the rights to explore and to mine  mineral resources and  transfer  the registration; to examine and approve blocks open to foreign investment by laws according to  authorization; to control mineral resources reserves and compile geologic materials; to supervise the geological exploration industry according to law, examine and approve the qualifications of geological exploration institutions and manage their achievements; to manage according to relevant provisions the collection and use of mineral resources compensation; to examine and validate the qualifications of the institutions responsible for the evaluation of exploration rights and mining rights, and confirm their evaluation results.

9. To organize monitoring, prevention and mitigation of geologic disasters, and the protection of geological traces; to supervise the exploration and assessment of hydrological geology, engineering geology and environmental geology in accordance with the law; to monitor and prevent the ground water from over-exploitation and contamination, and protect the geological environment; to designate protection areas of high-value geological relics (such as the areas of valuable fossil occurrence,  standard geological sections etc; to protect  geological relics.

10. To organize and supervise fundamental mapping, mapping of administrative regional borders, cadastral mapping and other provincial or key mapping projects and key sci-tech mapping projects.

11. To examine the grade of the mapping institutions according to law, and administer the registration of mapping tasks; to examine, according to law, the offer of mapping results to the outside world and such matters as foreign mapping organizations' or individuals' mapping in Hunan Province; to supervise mapping compilation according to the law and check the maps to be published and examine and verify the place names on the maps.

12. To administer provincial basic geographical data, examine and release the important  data on Hunan Province according to  relevant authorization; to cooperate with other related departments to compile the standard sample map of Hunan Province Administrative Borderline, organize and direct the socialized service of basic geographical information; to administer  national mapping standards and measuring control system of the whole Province, direct and supervise the control of various mapping results and the protection of measuring marks.

13. To arrange and supervise the use of  geological prospecting funds and special funds for basic mapping allocated from State finance and other funds allotted from provincial finance, organize and supervise the levy and use of stipulated fees for land and resources administration in accordance with relevant regulations.

14. To organize international cooperation and exchange in land resources, mineral resources and mapping.

15. To have centralized administration of Hunan Geological Mining Prospecting and development Bureau.

16. To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Government.