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15 July 2015

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Department of Transportation of Hunan Province

Address: No. 199 West Xiangfu Road, Tianxin District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410013
Telephone: +86 731 88770057



Main Responsibilities:
1.To implement state traffic policies and regulations, and draft development strategies, policies, rules and regulations for provincial road and waterway transport systems; to be responsible for the inspection and supervision over traffic law enforcement.

2.To draft development plans, mid-term and long-term plans and annual programmes for provincial road and waterway transport systems, and supervise their implementation; to handle statistical work and provide information services for the transport sector.

3.To organize the delivery of major equipment/material and emergency freight and passenger transport; to organize the construction of state, major provincial, as well as large- and medium-size road and waterway transport projects; to control construction costs, monitor the quality of roads and waterways construction; to raise funds for building major transport projects, and allocate and supervise funds at the disposal of the Provincial Transport Department; to control toll roads, bridges, ferries and tunnels.

4.To guide the restructuring of the transport sector; to supervise and administer the operation and construction of road and waterway transport markets, and maintain fair competition order; to streamline the transport sector for coordinated development.

5.To organize the construction and maintenance of roads and facilities, and collect the stipulated fees; to oversee road and transport authorities; to regulate road transport services, commercial freight and passenger stations/fields, vehicle maintenance and overall performance assessment, delivery and loading/unloading, road transport supporting services, and administration of vehicle-and-motorcycle driver training and training schools.

6.To organize the construction and maintenance of waterway infrastructures, and collect the stipulated fees; to oversee navigational channels; to regulate waterway transportation and services, port and navigation supervision, ship inspection and antifouling, shipping agencies, channel dredging, and enforce the industrial standard of building ports and navigational facilities along shorelines.

7.To develop local sci-tech policies, plans and regulations for the transport sector; to guide and supervise the implementation of technical standards and regulations of the transport sector; to direct adult and vocational education in this sector.

8.To handle personnel management, compensation packages, staffing, and the management of retired officials in the Department and its immediately subordinate agencies; to administer the leaders and officials in the Department's immediate subordinates according to relevant regulations; to administer the Party-masses relations, discipline and supervision work of the Department and its immediate subordinates; to guide the spiritual civilization construction and employee training in this sector.

9.To direct the transport sector in international exchanges, and foreign economic and trade cooperation.

10.To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Government.