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15 July 2015

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Health Commission of Hunan Province

Address: No. 30 Xiangya Road, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Postal Code: 410008
Telephone: +86 731 85286000 


Main Responsibilities:
1.To carry out the Party's and State's guidelines, policies, laws, regulations and rules on health work, and to draft local policies, regulations and rules on health work; to study and propose strategic objectives and development plans in the cause of health, and to supervise the implementation of national technical specifications and hygienic standards.


2.To implement state guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on population and family planning; to organize the drafting of laws and regulations on population and family planning; to assist relevant departments in formulating social and economic policies to promote a comprehensive approach to population and family planning; to study and propose regional health plans, make overall plans and coordinate the health resource distribution of this Province; to make community health service development plans and service standards, and guide the implementation of health plans.


3.To implement the plans, policies and measures on rural health care, maternal and child care, and to guide the implementation of elementary health care plans and special technologies on mother and infant health care.


4.To carry out the guidelines on "Prevention First", launch the health education of the whole people; to implement the national prevention and treatment plans for diseases seriously dangerous for mass health; to draft and implement the prevention and treatment planning for schistosomiasis; to organize the comprehensive prevention and treatment of serious diseases.


5.To study and guide the reform of medical care institutions, supervise the implementation of standards for medical staff's practice, medical quality and service.


6.To supervise and administer the collection and supply of blood at blood banks and blood plasma collection stations, and to supervise the quality of clinical use of blood.


7.To study and draft the development plan for key medical sciences and technologies in the Province, organize cooperation in tackling key problems on vital medical and hygiene projects, and guide the popularization and application of medical scientific and technical achievements.


8.To supervise and administer the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, endemic diseases and occupational diseases, and to ensure the highest food hygiene, hygiene in workplaces, environmental hygiene, radiation hygiene and school hygiene, to supervise and implement the quality administrative specifications for food and cosmetics, and be responsible for the work of certification.


9.To organize and implement national staffing standards in health institutions and qualification certification standards for technical health staff; to draft and organize the implementation of the provincial hygienic talent development plans, and the occupational ethics for health staff.


10.To organize and guide official and civil multilateral or bilateral cooperation and exchange in medicine and health care, as well as hygienic foreign aid programmes, and to participate in important health-related activities advocated by international organizations.


11.To implement the guidelines on "paying equal attention to both traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines", and to promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicines and realize the modernization of traditional Chinese medicines.


12.To draft the working plans, policies and measures on patriotic public health campaigns and improve water supplies and toilets in the rural areas, and organize their implementation; to coordinate related departments to do their best on the urban and rural patriotic health work.


13.To be responsible for the medical care work for medical care subjects as specified by the provincial medical care committee, and administer the medical care work for related cadres according to the regulations.


14.To organize and dispatch the technical health force of the Province to assist urban and county people's governments and related departments in handling urgent treatment.


15.To organize the implementation of the master plan for the scientific research into family planning; to organize comprehensive and prospective studies on major population and family planning issues.


16.To handle statistics of family planning, organize provincial sampling surveys on family planning, and participate in the analysis and research of the provincial demographic data.

17.To conduct general management over the technical services for family planning; to develop reproductive healthcare programmes and standards with respect to reproduction, birth control and infertility; to assist health departments to implement programmes for healthier babies; to direct and supervise technical services for family planning and the delivery of contraceptives and, in collaboration with the administrative departments for industry and commerce, drugs, and commodity prices, etc., supervise and manage the retail of contraceptives and the market of healthcare products.

18.To formulate publicity and education plans on population and family planning, and organize publicity and educational activities on it across Hunan; to coordinate the efforts of relevant departments in organizing social, non-profit publicity and educational activities on population and family planning.

19.To draft budgets and final accounts for family planning administrative expenses and capital construction at provincial level as well as make needs assessment of contraceptives; to manage financial affairs and state assets of the Commission and its immediate subordinates; to guide the financial management work in the sector of family planning.

20.To develop and implement programmes for fostering, educating and training the personnel in the population and family planning sector; to manage the staffing of the Commission and its immediate subordinates.

21.To oversee international exchanges and cooperation in population and family planning, and manage international cooperative projects in population and family planning.

22.To guide social organizations related to population and family planning.

23.To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People's Government.