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15 July 2015

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Zhuzhou City

Total area: 11,262 km2
Permanent population: 3.8833 million (2021)
GDP: 342.03 billion CNY (2021)

Major industrial products: Railway transport, nonferrous metal smelting, basic chemical industry
Major agricultural products: Grain, pork
Major mines: Coal, iron, tungsten, tin, columbium
Total length of railways: 482 km
Total length of roads: 14,000 km 
Sum of exports: 17.16 billion CNY (2021)
Sum of imports: 5.83 billion CNY (2021)
Actual use of foreign investment: 8.74 million USD (2021)
Per capita disposable income: 42,402 CNY (2021)
Forest coverage: 62.11% (2020)

Data Source: Zhuzhou Municipal Statistics Bureau

Zhuzhou, located to the southeast of Changsha and bordering Jiangxi to the east, is the second largest city in Hunan Province and part of the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiang City Cluster. Zhuzhou City now governs five districts of Hetang, Lusong, Shifeng, Tianyuan, and Lukou; three counties of Youxian, Chaling, and Yanling; and, takes charge of Liling, a county-level city. The area under Zhuzhou’s jurisdiction is 1916.38 square kilometers. The Xiangjiang River flows through Zhuzhou, which makes it one of the eight river ports of Hunan Province.

Aged-old history and culture: Emperor Yan, one ancestor of Chinese nationality, was buried in Yanling County. The Mausoleum of Emperor Yan is a famous place in China and has the famous name of "the First Mausoleum of China". Every year, a lot of people come here to worship the ancestor, large memorial ceremony is held periodically by provincial and municipal government and social group. Touring resource is abundant in Zhuzhou. Many scenic spots, such as Dajing, Jiubujiang, Taoyuandong, are comfortable places for people to visit and travel.

Rich industry and agriculture base: Zhuzhou locates in subtropical monsoon climate zone, so it has warm weather, abundant rainfall, long growing period of crops, and kinds of landforms. With abundant mineral and organic resource, Zhuzhou is one of the regions of high and stable agricultural yield in Hunan Province. In 1996, Zhuzhou became the first city whose rice output exceeding one ton per mu in China. The industry category is complete in Zhuzhou. It has been formed gradually that metallurgy, machinery, chemical and building materials industry are Zhuzhou's four pillar industries and electron, electric-power, coal, ceramics and other industries have been made Zhuzhou's new industry system. More than 50 China's firsts have come into being in succession, including China's first air-engine, first electric locomotive, first carbide alloy top hammer. Zhuzhou is really key industry base in Hunan Province and south China, of which industry output volume stands second place in 14 cities Hunan Province.

Superior geographic position and convenient traffic & transportation: Three bone railway lines (Beijing-Guangzhou, Zhejiang-Jiangxi and Hunan-Guizhou) cross here. Zhuzhou railway station is one of five special class passengers & goods transportation stations in China and the biggest goods transportation marshalling station in South China, with 110.5 couples of trainsans more than 30 thousand passengers pass here everyday. In Zhuzhou the highway transportation reaches out in all directions. Two national highways No.106 &320, expressway Beijing-Zhuhai, expressway Shanghai-Ruili which will be build according to national plan and "three south" highway communicating south Fujian, south Jiangxi and south Hunan province, all pass through the city. The Xiangjiang River passing the city is open to navigate for all seasons. From Yongli Wharf, which has a 1000-ton berth, container ships can sail directly into Dongting Lake and Shanghai. For air transportation, from Zhuzhou it is only 30 kilometers to Datuo airport and 65 kilometers to Huanghua international airport arrived in an hour through expressway.

Zhuzhou high-tech industry development zone stands in west Xiangjiang River, with an area of 35 square Km. It is a national-class high-tech industry development zone approved by State Council December 1992. In the zone, the base of exchanging & industrializing the achievements of new materials and national torch plan sensing technology industrialization base are built successively, two high-tech industry fields are established, and it has been formed that a new type industry developing pattern of "one zone, two fields & two base". By the end of 2000, there are more than 700 enterprises including 162 industry, 75 high-tech and 58 foreign investment enterprises. Four new high-tech industries have been formed which are new materials, light-machinery -electric power unification, electronic information and biological medicine industry.

Twenty years from opening-up, the foreign trade & economic of Zhuzhou develop quickly and gain large achievement. There are more than 130 enterprises that have own export rights. Zhuzhou is one of 33 comprehensive foreign trade base of export products. About 300 kinds of agricultural and industrial products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, including chemical industry, machinery, nonferrous metal smelting, building material, hemp products, fireworks, firecrackers and so on. From 1993, municipal export total sum is at the top of 14 cities Hunan Province. The open to the outside world is expanded and the investment environment is continuously optimized. Many famous company in the world, such as Simens (Germany), Yamaha (Japan), Pulatlahuteny (Canada), McDonald's and KFC have come to Zhuzhou succeddively to invest and develop and gain great return.

During the processing of development in new century, the municipal party commission and government is implementing the striding development strategy. We welcome from our hearts friends home and abroad come to Zhuzhou to visit, invest and develop. Let's build Zhuzhou's glorious future band in hand!

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• Fredrikstad, Norway
• Nha Trang, Vietnam
• Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
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