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15 July 2015

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Xiangtan City

Total area: 5,015 km2
Permanent population: 2.709 million (2021)
Major industrial products: Automobiles, iron and steel, electrical machinery, new materials
Major agricultural products: Paddy rice, pork, lotus seed, tea
Major mines: Coal, plaster
Total length of expressways: 285 km (2021)
Total length of roads: 7964.7 km (2021)
GDP: 254.83 billion CNY (2021)
Sum of exports: 21.62 billion CNY (2021)
Sum of imports: 13.82 billion CNY (2021)
Actual use of foreign investment: 50.85 million USD (2021)
Per capita disposable income: 37,170 CNY (2021)
Forest coverage: 46.8% (2020)

Data Source: Xiangtan Municipal Statistics Bureau

Located in the east of central Hunan,Xiangtan is between the north latitude of 27°20'55"and 28°05'40", and the east longtitude of 111°58'and 113°05'.

With an area of 5015 square kilometers and a population of nearly 2.9 million, it consists of two districts (Yuetang, Yuhu), two county-level cities (Xiangxiang, Shaoshan), and Xiangtan County.

Xiangtan City, an ancient city with a history of more than 1,500 years, is the hometown of Mao Zedong, the great leader of the Chinese people, and Qi Baishi, a world-famous master of Chinese painting.

Xiangtan is one of the major industrial cities in Hunan, with a number of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, including the Xiangtan Iron and Steel Company, the Shaofeng Cement Group, and the Hunan Wire and Cable Group.

There are more than 80 tourist attractions in the vicinity. Peng Dehuai's birthplace in Wushi are well known to both Chinese and foreign tourists. The beautiful scenery in the Zhaoshan Scenic Area and the scenic area around the Shuifu Temple Reservoir have become big attractions for an increasing number of tourists.

The appearance of the city is changing every year. Its improved infrastructure network, consisting of well-paved roads, convenient transport, sufficient water, power and gas supplies, environmental protection, gardens and greenery, provides good conditions for investment. It also has many parks and street gardens.

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