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15 July 2015

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Yiyang City

Total area: 12,320 km2
Population: 4.4138 million (2018)
Major industrial products: Machinery manufacturing, foodstuff, electric power, chemistry
Major agricultural products: Grain, rapeseed, ramie fiber, tea
Major mines: Antimony, tungsten, vanadium, shale
Total length of railways: 142.05 km
GDP: 175.838 billion CNY (2018)
Sum of exports: 1.03639 billion USD (2018)
Sum of imports: 14,938 million USD (2018)
Tourism revenue: 35.03 billion CNY (2018)
Per capita disposable income: 21,843 CNY (2018)
Forest coverage: 54.2% (2018)


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Yiyang City is known as a famous "hometown of rice and fish" in the Dongting Lake area. It is a major producer of food grains, cotton, oil-bearing crops, pigs and other industrial crops. Its ramie accounts for one fourth of the world's production. It is also one of the ten major bamboo-growing areas in China.

Its industrial products include ramie clothes, hot foodstuffs, cooking oil, bamboo sleeping mats, preserved duck eggs and antimony products, and sell well on both domestic and international markets. In addition, there are 25 high-tech projects in the Yiyang High-Tech Science Park, including the Zhongke Software Corporation, a bio-genetic engineering project, etc.

The local investment environment is being optimized. Improved infrastructure facilities, such as those involving energy, transport and telecommunications, provide better conditions for economic and social development.
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