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15 July 2015

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Kaifu Temple

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The ancient Kaifu Temple located in the city center of Changsha, Hunan Province, is one of the famous Buddhism resorts, which enjoys over one thousand years of history. The name Kaifu means opening the door of blessings to the public. However, the temple has not always been as lucky as its name suggests. It has been destroyed and rebuilt for several times, with the latest restoration project launched in 2004.


The temple is surrounded by three-meter-high walls. Along the central axial alignment, lies the pond for freeing captive fish and other animals, fore ground, the Maitreya Hall, the Grand Hall of Magnificence and Treasure, and the Additional Hall. Both wings have chambers. On the east side, there is a visiting room, monks' room, Moni house, and Crape Myrtle. On the west side, there is a preaching hall, Meditation Hall, and scripture chanting room. All the sections are linked by corridors, with an artistic style characteristic of the Ming and Qing architecture.


Asdmission fee: 10 yuan/adult


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