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15 July 2015

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Glutinous Rice Cake Fried in Sweet Oil

Changsha’s Glutinous Rice Cake Fried in Sweet Oil is made of flour and caramels. Its making process attaches importance to details. Though it is not as precious as rare delicacies, it is a delicious and affordable snack favored a lot by locals here.



How to make a Glutinous Rice Cake Fried in Sweet Oil, or Tangyou Baba in Chinese:

Firstly knead glutinous rice powder blended with water together until the mixture turns into a dough, then divide the dough into small pieces and flatten each one with your hands. Heat the oil in a pan and add osmanthus sugar and caramels into oil, then place the round dough pieces into the pan until the sugar is melt fully. When the white dough pieces turn into brown, move them to a plate. The fried glutinous rice cake tastes good and sweet leaving a light fragrance in your month.


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