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15 July 2015

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Traveling in the Miraculous Central Hunan

Reach Xiangxiang Shuifu Temple Tourist Area from Changsha by the Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway. Enjoy beautiful scenery rivaling Qiandao Lake. Visit Zeng Guofan’s resident and Cai Hesen Memorial Hall in Shuangfeng County. The next day, you tour Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, and Meishan Longgong Karst Carves in Xinhua County. Daxiong Mountain, holds over 400,000 hectares of primeval secondary forest, with mountains, rivers, forests, and temples complementing each other. A natural three-dimensional painting, delicious local foods of Xinhua like Sanhe Soup, Leida Duck and Zhumei Chicken are prepared for you. You may also appreciate some wonderful shows like the Nuo opera, Meishan martial art, and puppet shows in Loudi and Xinhua.  
Shuifumiao Tourist Resort in Hunan
Located 30 kilometers away from Xiangxiang City,adjacent to Xiangtan City on the east and Shuangfeng County on the south, Shuifumiao Tourist Resort is honored as "Thousand Islet Lake of Hunan".
The scenic spot was developed in 1958, when Shuifumiao Power Plant was built. Shuifu Reservoir covers 4,500 hectares, with a shoreline of 430 kilometers. With Tianmen Mountain and Kailuo Mountain being the natural defenses on the north and south of the reservoir, hills roll high and low, and peaks and ridges stand on each other, appearing in various shapes. The water is vast and mighty, dotted with more than one hundred islands, which look like some pearls pouring on ajade plate. Thus, the reservoir is divided into more than 100 small lakes, forming a marvelous landscape of multiplied mountain and double back waters, with mountains and waters surrounding each other.
Qinglong Cave is a must for a boat trip. The cave consists of 18 main caves and 48 subsidiary caves. There are caves inside caves, and the caves open onto each other, all arranged in crisscross with winding paths. Stalagmites, stone buds and pillars show diverse appearances.
The scenic spot contains seven cultural attractions reflecting folk cultures and exotic flavors, among which are the Tourist City offering performance of bullfight and Exotic Custom Park, where you can experience the European and U.S culture. It also offers tens of leisure activities and programs, including rock climbing, beach volleyball, golf on the water, parachuting on the water, bungee jumping, and motorcycle riding on the water, all possessing unique ecological features, suitable for both leisure and business affairs.
Tourist Area of the Former Residence of Zeng Guofan
Situated in Heye Town, Shuanfeng County, Loudi, the tourist area is rich in tourism resources, and the representative buildings include Fuhou Hall, Baiyu (White Jade) Hall and Gold Hall. Fuhou Hall was the former residence of Zeng Guofan, the chief of the Hunan army at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912), and now it is a key historic monument under provincial protection.
Transport: It takes only 30 minutes by car from Shuanfeng County to the destination
Adimission(for reference): RMB 50 yuan/adult
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00  
Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park
Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park is located in the north of Xinhua, 62 kilometers away from the county seat. It covers an area of 8,100 hectares and the forest coverage rate is almost 93%.
Its main peak “Jiulongchi” rises to a height of 1,622 meters, making it the highest peak in central Hunan. It grows more than 30 kinds of national protected fauna and flora like millennium ginkgo, clouded leopard and Chinese yew. Mountains, rivers, plants and temples together depict a fascinating three-dimensional painting. Daxiong Mountain is the hometown of Chi You, an ancient tribe head, who once fought with Emperor Huang and Emperor Yan. Statistically, the Park is the area with the largest volume of negative oxygen ions in Hunan.
Ticket: 56 yuan
Tel: 0738-3782063