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15 July 2015

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Traveling in Colorful Shaoyang

Reach Shaoyang from Changsha via the Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway and the Xiangtan-Shaoyang Expressway. Longhui Huayao Village would be your first destination. Yao ethnic multicolored costumes, hot and sour dishes and charming folk songs around a campfire might end your first day. The next day, visit ancient Song Dynasty town with an imperial flavor in Wugang County. Mount Langshan Scenic Area in Xinning County is an hour drive. There you may climb the One-Line-Sky, Yuntai Mountain, and Pepper Peak. Enjoy a sky filled with drifting clouds while listening to mountain folk songs-almost heaven.

Longhui Huayao Village

The scenic area in Longhui County is one of the New Eight Grand Sights in Hunan Province. Main tourist attractions in this area are the ancient villages of the Yao ethnic group, the former residence of Weiyuan, Weiyuan Lake, Gaozhou Hot Springs, ancient town of Tantou and Mount Jiulong. New Year's pictures, fragrant powder paper and colored paper are known as local Three Marvels which have been put on the list of Chinese cultural heritage for salvation.


Wugang Ancient Town


Langshan Mountain


Located in Xinning County, the scenic area has a large area covered with rock formations called "Crimson Glow"-a rare topographic feature in the world. Huge rocks of dark red color of grotesque shapes present tourists a marvelous sight. The mountain slopes are covered with bamboo groves, where various kinds of birds live. The scenic area is divided into five parts named respectively Purple Glow Land, Fuyi River, Camel Peak, Ox Nose Castle and Octagonal Castle. 

Transport: visitors can take a bus though the highway from Xingning County to Langshan. 

Tel: (86)739-4705478

Admission (for reference): RMB 211 yuan/person 

Opening hours: 07:30-17:00