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15 July 2015

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IV. Vigorous promotion of social construction with emphasis on improving people’s wellbeing

We will boost domestic demand for protecting and improving the people’s wellbeing and enable all social members to share the achievements of reform and development.


1. We will keep carrying out construction of practical projects for people’s well-being.
We will further reinforce the construction of people-enriching projects to enable the masses to incessantly receive tangible benefits. Hunan will allot an investment of 35 billion yuan in 2009 in constructing projects for people’s wellbeing in employment promotion, poverty alleviation, education aid, social security, medical and health care, rebuilding of shanty towns, smooth traffic, environmental protection and river and pond desilting, and so on.


2. We will follow a more active employment development strategy.

We will enforce the active employment policy in all respects by strengthening the government guidance, improving the employment mechanism, expanding the coverage of the policy-aided population and impoving the system of employment service and aid. We will proceed with dynamic employment aid to all urban zero-employment households and assistance to at least one working-age member in rural zero-employment families, poor families and families with their land requisitioned in finding work in nonagricultural sectors. We will encourage key projects to employ retirees without work, laid-off workers of independent industrial and mining districts shut down due to bankrupcy in urban areas and returned off-farm workers. We will take great heed of the employment issue of college graduates by encouraging and guiding them to find jobs in rural areas and at the basic level of positions. We will take measures such as reducing and exempting taxes, providing capital and technical support and bringing up subsidies for vocational training in order to push forward more labor forces to establish businesses on their own.


3. We will quicken the improvement of the social security system for urban and rural residents.

We will propel and go on with the provincial overall planning of the basic endowment insurance system and heighten step by step the overall planning of the levels of medical care, unemployment, workers’ compensation and maternity insurances.We will accelerate the progress of the basic medical care insurance for urban residents, and solve the insurance problem of 800,000 retirees in difficult SOEs, collectively-run enterprises having taken out the basic endowment insurance and bankrupt and shut enterprises. We will continue improving the basic endowment insurance system for urban workers and raise the basic endowment insurance of retired enterprise staff. We will actively developing pilot areas for new-type rural endowment insurance by establishing pilot counties in Changsha, Xiangtan and Zhuzhou and selecting one county( county-level city or district) as the pilot areas in each of the other prefectural cities. We will pick up the speed of launching specific implementation measures on endowment insurance of off-farm workers and farmers with land requisitioned and include them employed in non-agricultural sectors into the endowment insurance coverage. We will proceed to improve the social assistance system for both urban and rural residents, consolidate guarantee of subsistence allowances for them as many as possible under the dynamic management of it to ensure a maintenance of their living standards in the context of price rise. We will comprehensively promote the practice of the subsistence allowance guarantee system for urban residents and incorporate all qualified rural poor families into the coverage and ensure that households enjoying five guarantees have the same good living standard as other local rural residents.We will intensify the construction of seniors’ homes and increase support by setting up aid mechanisms for difficult groups such as the left-behind children in countryside, longly seniors and homeless children, actively develop the programs of social wellfare and charity, advance the development of old-age and the disabled programs and improve the mechanisms for natural increase in standards of allowances for family members of revolutionary martyrs and disabled servicemen and service women.


4. We will give priority to development of educational program.

We will follow the strategy that education strengthens Hunan, further improve the fund security system for urban and rural compulsory education, comprehensively relieve rural compulsory educational debts to propel public educational resources to flow to rural areas, poverty-stricken areas and minority nationality areas to some extend, quicken the building of qualified schools and promote a bananced development of compulsory education. We will speed up the construction of boarding schools, vigorously push ahead with construction, reconstruction and expansion of schools of special education and building reconstruction in secondary schools and elementary schools. We will reinforce the auxiliary construction of facilities for compulsory education and protect the rights of urban school-aged children and children of off-farm workers to receive compulsory education.We will steadily proceed with the work of layout adjustment of high schools.We will deeply construct the quality project of higher education, further promote the reform of the structure of specialties and the talent nurturing pattern of higher education by accelerating development of key disciplines and particular specialties. We will place vocational education in a more prominent position with the focus on the enhancement of its basic capacity by promoting cooperation between schools and enterprises, support building of at least one demonstrative secondary vocational school or vocational education center in each county( county-level city or district) and primarily develop rural secondary vocational education and gradually fulfill free education. We will encourage and standardize social forces to run schools and invigorate education.We will enhance the professional competence of teachers, continue with directive breeding of a small number of teachers at undergraduate or specialty education level working in rural elementary schools and secondary schools in minority nationality areas, nurture teachers with teaching certificates and the certificates for specialized technical posts in vocational colleges. We will actively push forward building of a lifetime education system. We will actively practise policies like the student loan and improve the policy aiding system for students from poor families. We will promote educational cooperation and exchange with foreigners and conscientiously develop the Chinese Bridge campaign.


5. We will further improve the basic medical and health care system.
We will actively bring forward the reform of the health care system to establish a basic medical and health care system for urban and rural residents step by step, which tightens government responsibilities and investment, in an effort to enable everyone to have access to basic medical and health care services.We will enhance the capacities to prevent and control serious diseases and to respond to public health emergencies, increase prevention and treatment against serious infectious diseases and endemic diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and schistosomiasis. We will act out gynopathy censuses or mass treatment. We will press ahead with construction of town and township health clinics, village clinics, community health centers and key central hospitals. We will consolidate and develop the new-type rural cooperative medical care system by offering subsidized medical care to low-income groups and patients with serious diseases and bring up the the subsidy standard for farmer participants to 80 yuan per person. We will perfect the urban system of community health service and push the flow of the superior health resources to community health institutions.We will vigorously support development of the programs of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine of minorities. We will practise pre-marital check-ups, perfect the guidance mechanism of family planning interests, stabilize the low birth rate, downsize the birth defect rate, improve the quality of new-borns and solve the problems such as the relatively high sex proportion of new-borns.


6. We will concentrate on promoting cultural development.
We will focus on building the system of socialist core values to forcefully develop harmonious culture. We will develop and revive philosophy and social science, actively develop the programs of press and publication, radio, film and TV and literature and arts. We will reinforce ideological and moral education among young people and network establishment and management. We will fully dig out the essence of the cultures of all ethnic groups and produce more fine literary and artistic works reflecting distinct national characteristics and spirit of the times.We will intensify protection, restoration and utilization of relics, pay enormous attention to intangible cultural heritage relics, put forth efforts in compilation of local chronicles, archives compilation and research, sort-out of ancient cultural books and records. We will extensively carry out colorful, healthy and civilized cultural activities in communities and develop nonprofit cultural programs.We will heighten the soft power of Hunan’s culture, increase cultural exchanges with other countries and create cultural brands. We will step up great efforts to develop cultural industry, upgrade and strengthen the animated cartoon industry and innovate digital industry. We will prominently pay heed to building the systems of public cultural services and cultural market, start people-benefiting cultural projects including sharing cultural information resources, press on with the construction of such programs as urban communities, comprehensive cultural stations in towns and townships( institutions where reading books, radios, films and TVs, publicity of education, art performances, generalization of science and technology and its training, sports and after-school education of adolescents are available.), expansion of radio and TV coverage to all villages, Farmers’ Bookstores(a kind of nonprofit cultural service facilities which are established by goverments in villages and managed by farmers and provide practical books, newspapers and magzines, electronic and audiovisual products to farmers to meet their cultural demand.) and improve the postal outlets. We will vigorously develop the sports program by actively carrying out amateur sports activities, enhance the competition levels and strive to yield new achievements in the 11th National Games.


7. We will endeavor to create a harmonious social environment.

We will deeply carry out activities for building harmonious communities in urban and rural areas and deepen open and democratic management of village affairs. We will forcefully carry forward an atmosphere of revering elders and caring for the young, mutual assistance and love and acting herotically in the society. We will act out the basic principle of the CPC for religions-related work comprehensively and make use of the active role of people in religious conscience and religious people in promoting economic and social growth. We will unrelentingly consolidate the basic works of the basic level in comprehensive treatment of social security, fulfil the accountability system of comprehensive treatment of departments in earnest, press on with the building of comprehensive treatment system for prevention and control, push forward information-oriented comprehensive treatment, deeply carry out safe development activities, deepen special supression moves so as to heighten the people’s sense of safety. We will establish mechanisms to prevent and investigate through one-by-one exclusion, mediate and reconcil contradictions or disputes and perfect the auxiliary mechanisms of mediating by the people, the administration and justice. We will put forth more efforts in handling complaints in the form of letters and visits from the public by practising the accountability system, earnestly investigating through one-by-one exclusion, reconciling the conflicts and properly tackling group events and improve the mechanism for maintaining the masses’ interests.We will crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, commercial fraud and bribery and illegal financial activities by law.We will severely suppress pyramid schemes and rigidly standardize direct sales. We will raise the awareness of national safety across the country, resolutely forestall and strike infiltrative and subversive activities. We will tighten the accountability system for production safety and the system of One Position, Two Duties( a leader must fulfil two duties in one position. They must assume responsibilities for building a clean CPC as well as daily work ), deepen the check for potential safety hazards, improve safety oversight, intensify overall safety treatment of tailings reservoirs, coal mines and non-coal mines, reinforce the oversight on safety and fire fighting in key industries and fields such as key projects, transportation, fireworks and firecrackers, dangerous chemicals and special equipment to avert major and extraordinary accidents.


We will speed up the modernization of national defense in all respects by actively supporting development of the People's Liberation Army and armed police forces in Hunan, pay attention to the work related to motivation for national defense, civil air defense, melitia and reserve forces. We will extensively carry out education of national defense. We will conscientiously fulfil the policy of granting pensions and preferential treatment to the families of the deceased servicemen or to the disabled servicemen, do well the relevant work concerning reception and settlement of officers to change their occupations, of demobilized or discharged servicemen. We will ensure that the government and the people support the military and give preferential treatment to the families of servicemen and martyrs, and that the military supports the government and cherishes the people. We will energetically encourage the military and the people to work together to promote cultural and ethical progress, and consolidate the solidarity between the military and the government and between the military and the people.