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15 July 2015

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Dahan Holding Group Co.,Ltd

Dahan Holding Group Co.,Ltd is a large-scale trans-regional and trans-trading enterprise with 64 subsidiaries. Founded in 1993, Dahan Group is an integrated non-public enterprise, specializing in iron and steel trade, urban development, modern logistics and vocational education. Dahan Group has total assets of 4.93 billion Yuan, 13.86 billion Yuan total assets, and nearly 2000 employees. In terms of general strength in domestic service enterprise, Dahan Group holds the 167th position in China’s Top 500 Service Enterprises, 2nd in Hunan’s private-owned enterprises, and first in Hunan’s steel trade enterprises.

According to an evaluation, by organizers of China’s Top 500 Service Enterprises, the brand value of Dahan Group had reached up to 4.209 billion Yuan in 2006. In 2007, Dahan Group ranked 16th in “2007 China Growth Top 100”, and received several awards such as “Construction exploits of Small and Medium-sized Cities in 2007 China Land Property”, “Hunan Brand Reputation Top 100 ”, and “2008 Loudi Impactive Brands Top 10”.

Dahan Group has established a professional marketing network all over the country, producing 2 million tons of steel per year. In the meantime, the landmark building has been built across 12 cities and counties in Hunan province. Dahan Group has made important breakthroughs for city infrastructure construction, commerce construction and housing estate development by importing the integrated urban commercial elements to a wider market.



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