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15 July 2015

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CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd.


CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC ZELC) is located at Xiangjiang River, adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunming Railway Lines, encompasses over 2.25 square kilometers, a key subsidiary under CRRC Corporation, China’s largest research and manufacturing company of electric locomotives, the leading enterprise in Hunan’s rail transport industry worth over 100 billions, titled ‘Home of China’s Electric Locomotives’. Established in 1936, setting many new records, CRRC ZELC has been developing rapidly and healthily since establishment. Besides its core businesses covering electric locomotives, mass transit vehicle and intercity EMU train, CRRC ZELC involves in Maintenance Service and EPC/PPP project, sets up new product lines including ultra-capacitor, HV/LV equipment, brake system, Maglev train, energy-reserved tram and energy-reserved bus.

At present, CRRC ZELC runs over 20 subsidiaries worldwide. In 2015, it earned sales revenue of 26 billion Yuan, and paid over 4.1 billion Yuan in tax.

It innovates in product, invests in research, and upgrades manufacturing capability. It employs over 10,000 employees, 25% of them, including one CAE academician and ten experts, are engaged in products research. CRRC ZELC has the largest production capability of electric locomotive in the world, the competence in researching and manufacturing mass transit product compliant with European standards. Moreover it sets up manufacturing and maintenance plants in some cities besides its hometown, a laboratory for system integration of high-power AC drive electric locomotive--which is only one in China, a laboratory for system integration of mass transit vehicles, an Industrial Design Center and a R&D Center. It acquires cutting-edge technologies of system integration, AC drive, heavy rail transit, maglev, energy reserve, articulated LVR, high speed pantograph and ultra-capacitor.

We are committed to improving the public traveling conditions, creating environment-friendly modes of transport. In the field of electric locomotives, since China’s first electric locomotive was born in 1958, CRRC ZELC has developed 51 types of mainline electric locomotive for rapid passenger transit, dual-purpose transport and heavy-duty freight transport, totally 7,500 locomotives, accordingly we hold over 60% of domestic locomotive market. We lead the transition from common load to heavy load and from DC drive to AC drive, and develop the world’s most powerful electric locomotive. All the outstanding achievements bring us to the technology leader in the world. In the field of mass transit vehicles, we set up the European-standard design and manufacturing platforms for high-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel mass transit vehicles in ten years, so we are able to offer products including A type and B type in three speed levels of 80km/h, 100km/h and 120km/h. We have supplied over 7000 vehicles for 18 domestic or overseas cities; this makes us become an outstanding representative in China’s high-end mass transit equipment industry. We build the manufacturing and maintenance plants in 10 cities in China for providing life-cycle maintenance service for mass transit vehicles. In the field of EMU trainset, based on design and manufacturing experience in mass transit vehicles, proven platforms and excellent supply chain, we successively develop Blue Arrow, Midland Star and China Star with diverse speed levels from 160km/h to 270km/h in power-distributed mode or power-concentrated mode. CRRC ZELC is the birthplace of EMU technologies in China. In the past few years, we have successfully exported our EMU trainsets to overseas market.

We are the pioneer in equipment industry under China’s Go-global Strategy. We earn good reputations from worldwide customers as a result of our superior quality, reliable performance and outstanding contract execution. Since the first ZELC-made electric locomotive exported aboard in 1997, CRRC ZELC has obtained nearly 30 orders in Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Macedonia. The exported products include locomotive, metro vehicle, LRV, EMU trainset and electric-battery locomotive, totally contracts values are up to 30 billion Yuan. We hold more than 80% of rail transport market in Malaysia, and deliver the world’s fastest meter-gauge EMU trainsets to Malaysia, which makes Kuala Lumpur more attractive. We set the biggest export record in China’s rail transport equipment industry thanks to the award of South Africa electric locomotive contracts worth 2.1 billion dollars. We win EMU trainset contract from Macedonia government, which indicates that we achieve the breakthrough in China-made EMU trainset exported to Europe. Furthermore we set up subsidiaries in Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, India and Austria to run international business. During the visit in CRRC ZELC, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praised that CRRC ZELC are the Go-global representative.

We focus on the customer’s needs, target at green and intelligent development. With decades of experiences in rail transport equipment industry, we expand our business by providing maintenance service, developing super-capacitor and maglev train. We open some 4S shops for our sold products in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Kunming, reach “Manufacturing + Services” business pattern. In 2015 we delivered a middle speed maglev train which has been put into trial operation in Changsha. We develop independently 3V/12000F and 2.8V/30000F super-capacitors, which brings us to the world’s top level in energy-reserved sector. We develop and make ultra-capacitor tram and ultra-capacitor electric bus driven by ultra-capacitor unit, which not only draws the world’s eyes on us but also revolutionizes the public transit. What’s more we are developing APM, Sky Tram, urban commuter train and regenerative brake system.

Creative and innovative, CRRC ZELC is committed to be a leading solution-provider of worldwide rail transportation. We are looking forward to cooperating with global customers and partners to shoulder the social responsibility for low-carbon economy and push forward the global rail transportation industry.