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15 July 2015

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Top 10 Agricultural Brands of Hunan

As consumption model evolves, agricultural production has entered a new era of brand-oriented development. The Top 10 Hunan Agricultural Brands 2016 were recently released: Anhua Dark Tea, Guzhang Maojian Tea, Baojing Huangjin (Gold) Tea, Qianyang Bingtang Sweet Oranges, Yanling Yellow Peaches, Jiangyong Pomelos, Huarong Leaf Mustard, Yuanjiang Asparaguses, Xinhuang Yellow Cattles, Ningxiang Pigs, and Hanshou Softshell Turtles (Trionychidae). The last two stood side by side.


Anhua Dark Tea


Anhua Dark Tea is mainly produced in Anhua County, Hunan. The tea soup is in orange color, with a mellow fragrance, sometimes smelled like pine wood.



Guzhang Maojian Tea


Guzhang Maojian Tea is produced in Guzhang County in Wuling mountainous area, Hunan. It boasts unique flavor and fragrance, thus reputed as a "treasure of green tea".


Baojing Huangjin (Gold) Tea


Baojing Huangjin (Gold) Tea is produced in Baojing County of Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan. It is featured with "rich fragrance, green color, refreshing taste, and thick flavor".



Qianyang Bingtang Sweet Oranges


Qianyang Bingtang Sweet Oranges is a local specialty of Hongjiang City, Hunan. It enjoys a good market for its selective breeding, rich flavor, and crisp and tender taste.



Yanling Yellow Peaches


Yanling Yellow Peaches grow in remote mountains at an average altitude of 400-1400 meters in Yanling County, Hunan. Boasting natural and pollution-free growing environment, as well as sweet and crisp taste and aroma, the peaches are widely favored around the world.




Jiangyong Pomelos


Jiangyong Pomelos are produced in Yongzhou, Hunan. It can be reserved for a long time without losing its flavor, thus reputed as a "naturally-canned fruit".



Huarong Leaf Mustard


Huarong Leaf Mustard is a time-honored agricultural product in Huarong County, Yueyang, Hunan Province. It is said that such leaf mustard has been widely planted in this area since the Wei and Jin dynasties (220-420 AD).



Yuanjiang Asparagus


Yuanjiang Asparagus is produced in Yuanjiang, Hunan. Boasting high value of both food and medicinal use, it is even reputed as "Ophiocordyceps sinensis around Dongting Lake". (Ophiocordyceps sinensis, colloquially as caterpillar fungus or Yartsa Gunbu, literally "winter worm, summer grass", is valued as a herbal remedy.)



Xinhuang Yellow Cattles


Xinhuang Yellow Cattles are bred in Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County, Hunan. It boasts tender meat, distinctive taste, and high nutritive value.



Ningxiang Pigs


Ningxiang Pigs breeding can be traced back to 300 years ago, in Caochong Village, Liushahe Town, Ningxiang. Ningxiang pig has been rated among the four famous breeds of live pigs in China.



Hanshou Softshell Turtle (Trionychidae)


Hanshou Softshell Turtle (Trionychidae) is a specialty in Hanshou County, Hunan. Boasting not only a good taste, it stands out in comparison with other varieties for its prominent nutritive and medicinal value.




Hunan has devoted to developing quality and widely reputed agricultural brands in recent years. There are 136 authenticated brands of organic agricultural products, 1,113 brands of green goods, and 43 agro-product brands with geographical indications.


The Hunan Provincial Agriculture Committee will organize such selection for five consecutive years, beginning from 2016. The first session only focused on public brands in agricultural sector, while the following sessions would expand to agro-product processing brands and those under new business patterns.


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