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15 July 2015

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Shaoyang City

Total area: 20,876km2
Population: 7.3754 million (2017)
Major industrial products: Machinery, smelting, pharmaceuticals, light industry
Major agricultural products: Grain, livestock, dairy, traditional Chinese medicines
Major mines: Plaster, tungsten, lead-zinc, antimony, gold, silver
Total length of railways: 110 km
GDP: RMB¥169.15 billion yuan (2017)
Sum of exports: US $ 1.587 billion (2017)
Sum of imports: US $ 108 million (2017)
Tourism revenue: RMB¥33.217 billion (2017)
Per capita disposable income:RMB¥ 16,353  (2017)
Forest coverage: 60.51% (2017)

Data Source: Hunan Provincial Statistics Bureau


Shaoyang, the gateway of the southwest, situated in the center of Hunan province, consists of eight counties(Xinshao, Shaodong, Shaoyang, Longhui, Dongkou, Xinning, Suining, Chengbu Miao Nationality Autonomous), one county-level city(Wugang City) and three urban districts(Shuangqing, Daxiang, Beita),with an area of 20,876 square kilometers ranking the second in Hunan and with a population of 7.3754 million ranking the first in Hunan. It has always been the important city of Hunan for 2500 years.