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15 July 2015

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Cultural industry

In recent years, Hunan Province has been celebrated for its remarkable "Hunan Cultural Phenomenon", "Hunan Army of Broadcasting and TV", "Hunan Army of Publishing", "Hunan Army of Performing Arts" and "Hunan Army of Animated Cartoons".


As the statistics released in November 2016 shows, Hunan's cultural industry has grown against a depression trend over the past five years. Hunan took the lead to establish the provincial-level State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and organized eight province-governed cultural industrial groups. The value added of cultural and creative industry of the province increased by 15.6% annually over the past five years, while that in 2015 totaling 170.718 billion yuan, accounting for 5.9% of GDP.


According to the report of China Cultural Industry Development Index, Hunan has been listed among the Top 10 Chinese provinces in cultural industrial growth for three consecutive years.



Hunan cultural industry has kept growing in recent years. While maintaining the advantages of broadcasting and TV, publishing, animated cartoon, and entertainment, Hunan has vigorously fostered cultural market entities for industrial design, architectural design and planning, digital publishing, digital printing and online games. Seven provincial cultural industrial groups have been formed, including the newly established Hunan Performance Group, Hunan Mango Media and Hunan Broadcasting and TV Network Holding Group. Hunan Broadcasting System ranked 80th in the World's Top 500 Media Companies and 5th in the "Asia Television Brand Top 10". Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group and Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co., Ltd have been among the Top 30 National Cultural Industry for successive six years. Huakai Creative Co. Ltd has topped 3 in related industries throughout the country with its exhibition, architectural models and 3D animation.


Hunan province has continuously expanded its industrial platforms, supported with a batch of cultural and creative industrial parks at national and provincial level including Changsha Tianxin Creative Advertising Industrial Park, Hunan-Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, Jinxiu Xiaoxiang Cultural and Creative Industrial park. The year of 2014 witnessed the introduction of IAI Asia Pacific Designers Federation Hunan Base and the Asia-Pacific Creative Design Center into Changsha, and the cultural and creative incubators like "Wise Liuyang River" were established that year.


Hunan's cultural creativity and design industry develops in an all-dimensional, multi-layered and wide-ranging pattern, integrating related industries like science and technology, tourism, agriculture and sports. Hunan TV programme "Dad, where are we going" has not only achieved a high audience rating, but also extended to film, mobile games, books and animated cartoons and gained good results in each field. Hunan Daily Press Group launched "Wireless Hunan" project to build China's first cloud media-based mobile platform and Hunan's first mobile portal for daily life. Changsha has gathered a number of mobile internet businesses, with almost 190 mobile internet enterprises settled in Changsha National High-tech Industrial Development Zone up to July, 2014.


As of November 2016, the number of cultural and creative enterprises has exceeded 40,000, among which 2502 are above designated size, 1407 more than that in 2012. Among the 32 nationally certificated animation enterprises, 6 are key animation enterprises, 14% of the total number of its kind nationwide. Five listed cultural enterprises have achieved a market value of over 125 billion yuan.


Hunan has speeded up its cultural "going-global" over the past five years. A series of Hunan culture promotion activities in Thailand, the UN, and France has brought Hunan's cultural products to the world. In 2015, the total volume of imports and exports of cultural products hit 725 million USD, with export sales accounting for 98.6%, reaching 715 million USD.


Beyond that, Hunan has combined "Culture Plus" and "Internet Plus" together to vigorously facilitate the development of traditional and emerging media, and further promote IT application and digitization in the cultural industry.