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15 July 2015

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[Craftsmanship] Chisel Paper-cut at Tahu

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Chisel Paper-cut is a folk handcraft inherited from Tahu Village of Luxi County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It originally aimed to provide model for Miao embroidery.

Chiseling involves cutting and hollow carving. It is called embroidering locally and means "engraving flowers" in Miao dialect. The artisan of this craft is addressed respectfully as "flower artist". Chisel Paper-cut was given its name by Tahu Village. Chisel Paper-cut at Tahu is not cut with scissors, but chipped by graver. Employing knives in their hand, the artist can carve any complicated patterns, large or small, people or articles. Because Miao nationality dose not have its characters, this kind of art functions as the most vivid history collection.

Chisel Paper-cut at Tahu was listed as the first batch of the intangible cultural heritage of the Hunan Province in 2006 and the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2008. Luxi County Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center is responsible for the task.


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