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15 July 2015

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Master Jing'an

Born in Xiangtan County, Hunan province, Master Jing’an was a distinguished patriotic monk and the first president of the Chinese General Buddhist Association.

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Xu Teli

Xu Teli, a celebrated Chinese revolutionist and educationist, was born in Shanhua (today's Jiangbei Town, Changsha County), Hunan on Feb. 1st, 1877. He was once the teacher of Mao Zedong and Tian Han.

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Jin Yuelin

Jin Yuelin (1895–1984) was a Chinese philosopher and logician.He was born in Changsha, Hunan and attended Tsinghua University from 1911 until 1914.

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Zhou Guangzhao

Zhou Guangzhao is a famous theoretical physicist and CAS academician, and also Vice Chairman of 9th NPC Standing Committee and chairman of 5th National Committee of China Association for Science and Technology.

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Zhou Qifeng

Zhou Qifeng, a prominent chemist and educationist in China, was born in Liuyang on Nov. 20, 1947. He has being devoted in polymer synthesis and liquid crystal polymer researches and been elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science (CA...

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Yang Jia

Yang Jia, 48 years old and of Changsha descent, is a member of the 11th national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the Jiu San Society (JSS), a professor in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sc...

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